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No war in Libya 2016

Stories and News No. 849

You may read everywhere that another international coalition is going to start yet another military intervention.

No more war.

No ifs, buts and with tons of reasons.

Because we have already done and we saw how it went.
Since there is someone who claims that we have to do another…

Because we are already doing the last one, who are we kidding? We still have to finish that, how can we start another?

Because we are already doing others. And what do we do, then? We behave as usual? We pretend that we are not doing the others, showing the only one we're interested in at the moment?

Because we already know what war is.

Because right now also the children know what the stories of soldiers and bombs really are. Like the rest of us, they know that the heroes tale is a lie. That the good guys movie is a fraud. That friendly fire is just fire, a huge blaze where all burn except for those who use the flames to warm their insatiable bellies, before grilling the spoils.
Of war.

No more war because there is no need to prove how other ways work better. Because it is the only possible, which we rarely took. And just for that we're still here, you know it.

No more war because there is no need to convince you that the interests are always all on one side and the dead on the other. And if you are not in the former as the latter, how can you say yes?

No more war because one day you have said so. Or just thought. At best you felt it inside, like a natural motion. Behold, now is the time to remember what we always knew, even before the first war. Let alone after an eternity of pain and hatred.

Yes, eternity, because we know that too, perfectly.
We can only be those who start wars or not.
For many, too many, the war will never end.
For them, first of all.
Together we must say no more war…

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