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Safest airport in the world is here

Stories and News No. 859

There is much talk these trembling days about what is the airport with best security in the world.
I would have the answer...

Once upon a time there was the safest airport in the world.
Because nowadays flying is a risk.
Well... flying is always a risk, you now. We are not birds, the rest of us.
Indeed flying is also a risk for birds, if we are honest.
I remember a seagull that dropped to drink some salt water, the breakfast of champions, they say, and in return the animal found an oil blanket, if you know what I mean.
Okay, the accident did not happen exactly flying, but mooring.
Well, this is precisely the point: the risk is when you risk, risking yourself, but facing the involved risks, risking in worlds not related to you.
Flight to the birds, it is indeed the screaming slogans of an intolerant flock of nationalists pheasants, annoyed by our loud and arrogant aircrafts. These people behave as if the sky was their stuff, they add. They are not like us, they do not worship our sun and they do not lay eggs. They eat it, such savages.
But I am digressing, sorry.
We are human and we do as we please, as the prophecy says, like the little voice inside murmurs, as we say in all languages and cultures, check if you want. Except those we consider uncivilized, backward and underdeveloped, check this too, if you have time.
Then, we fly.
Well... this is also inaccurate. We will get our ass on the seat, tightening our belt and making fingers crossed, that's all.
What really flies is the pilot, the squashed flies on the glass and some poor migrant hidden in the cart.
Because that is also the point: who really fly are only those who have wings in their hands. The others are just spectators of the miracle. They take the credit, needing to boast and nothing more.
Nevertheless, there is a ticket, you pay, in fact. And when there is someone who pays we tell you what you want. You just need to pay.
Dear customer, here is the safest airport in the world.
Only one runway, only one airplane, a single seat.
Or, in the case, a few more, but only incredibly similar to you people.
First class, feel good, we do everything for you.
And it is all free, can you realize that?
It safe here, do not fear.
When it is time to go, you go.
Choose the destination you wish to find at the end of the trip.
When you will arrive you'll find everything you've always wanted.
And you will miss it to death when you will not have it anymore.
The trip will be nice and trust me, no one has ever complained, so far.
Be still, close your eyes and especially dream.
Come at the safest airport in the world.
And good trip...

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