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Stop sea oil drilling in Italy story

Stories and News No. 855

Yes, continue to dig.
I know that you will not stop, since you do not want it.
Believe me, I understand. I know every excuse.
How did you use to say? The voices just told me to do it, I have to because it is written so. You feel obligated, it is a matter of already made commitments, those are inescapable deadlines.
All stuff that binds you, that steals you all degrees of freedom.
Trust me, I see this.
I have compassion, inside my hate.
Because I know your character and the script is just as obvious.
I would not expect anything else from you, since the very first day of school.
You were the one who smiled when it was required immobility to the lips as the eyes, the heart as the breath in your lungs.
You were the one who left the room when it got in.
The unwieldy story among the most devious ones created by the feared narrators of this land. Because otherwise you would have fallen in love with it and you would have been able to do everything for it.
However no one could serve two masters, right?
And it is useless to strive convincing you that the one and only side of the moon that has something alive wants everything from you, except your freedom.
So do not hesitate and go on.
You have done anything else since the beginning of the movie.
You have only one scene and one line, a blank one, except for the noise.
Shattering mud in your hands, hitting water, never breakable, with the weight of your insatiable thirst.
But, the worst thing is the life crumbling in your jaws. As if it were an appetizer before the actual meal. What you wish, that they have sworn to you at the faded rainbow's end.
Go ahead, do not stop.
Make use of all the knowledge acquired over time and do not waste greasepaint and masks.
I know who you are.
And I know who is behind you.
Arise all, because I see you all.
By now, it would be impossible otherwise.
Dig bravely, although there is granted by the dignity that you have saved there.
Do it as you always have.
And kill me once and for all.
Unless someone else, perhaps among our readers.
Who decide to stand between you.
And me...

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