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Austria Migrants Wall: the Waltz

Stories and News No. 865

"In desperate times Austria could completely close the Brenner," said recently the Minister of Defense Hans Peter Doskozil.
Continuing the dance...

Walls against migration, think if we did it too, says one of the two.
It would be a disgrace, says her friend. But you know the craziest thing?
What is?
It's all a tragic, ridiculous and dull waltz, just a dance.
Of different, yet equal, time and melodies.
Once they build walls, with unwavering firmness and deep fear.
And afterwards they shoot down them, with as much vigor and pride. Certain to be at least better than the evil ancestors.
Once they massacre entire populations with unspeakable cruelty.
And afterwards they condemn even those who dare to be not ashamed of this common stain on history.
Once they conquered rights and freedom for those left out of the celebration of opportunities.
And afterwards they pretend to not recall the many still waiting for.
Once they choose war as the way to the right peace.
And afterwards they deride peace as the least right way between one war and another.
Once they burn books.
And afterwards they let them burn off by boredom on the shelves of the world.
Once they burn witches.
And afterwards they force them to burn themselves.
Once they stop time on their land to see the first man on the moon.
And afterwards they stop the man himself, because he saw the moon in their land.
Once they mourn before lives erased by earthquakes.
And afterwards they laugh about it, incredibly enough, but it happens.
Once they celebrate with joy the arrival of rescuers.
And afterwards they insult them with hatred, whereas others are the saved ones.
Once the guest is both the welcoming that welcomed one.
And afterwards all are guests in our house, nothing more.
If anything less.
Once merging borders and different people is the future.
And afterwards it is putting at risk the latter.
Once you dream of the day when the skin color will no longer have value.
And afterwards you open your eyes and it is still dark.
Once you would have done anything just to be a human being, right?
And afterwards we are here to thank the sky.
Because we are not them…

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