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Racism stories: Harriet Tubman who died only once

Stories and News No. 868

Araminta Ross, aka Harriet Tubman, activist for the abolition of slavery and women's suffrage, has earned the distinction of being the first Afro-American woman on a US banknote.
I can die but once, Harriet said.
Like all great persons who spent their existence for the rights of many, there are an infinite number of times when she will back into life...

My name is Harriet and I'm not dead.
I'm not dead when I found out that the real chains are made of human skin, the most resistant metal in the world.
And I did not die even when I was about to convince myself that there was something right, meaningful, even normal.
In human skin chains.
I'm not dead when I realized how much I was deluded to think that having free hands and feet was enough to have peace.
And I'm not dead when I finally realized that having peace was not enough to get hands and feet free.
I'm not dead when flipping through the pages of the mirror I found a multitude of reasons to feel unworthy of being reflected.
And I'm not even dead the time when we dried each veins to transcribe red on white our victory.
I did not die every time I saw yet another rung on the ladder to the bottom of human wickedness.
And I'm not dead every time I ascended all that scale, then rolling back down for the whim of yet another fool.
I did not die on the day when I wondered if I would have ever seen the future where the only color that matters will be formed by you and me.
And I'm not dead when I succumbed to the idea that perhaps it will never come.
I'm not dead sensing to live in the country where death has a lot of colors, almost as much as the different weights it gives to each life.
And I'm not dead sensing to die one day in the country where life has one only color that really counts and it is always the other.
I'm not dead when I wanted it as an infant who crave the first light.
And I'm not dead when I tried the unbearable shame of being me, the one still alive.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead but once.
But before and after, how much life you see.
How many stories.
And how much freedom there is still to be conquered...

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