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Italian oil drilling referendum: when they tell you not to vote

Stories and News No. 866

Sunday, April 17, 2016, as citizens of this Italian Republic, we can decide on the possible repeal of the rule that allows to extend the hydrocarbons extraction concessions within 12 nautical miles from the Italy coast to exhaustion.
Despite there is someone who invites us to give up to our right...

Select the purpose.
Find an excuse.
And, maybe if you have time, read something.

Do it for stubbornness.
Because you were so even as a child, when you were told that you could not do that thing.
And you were there to do it as soon as you had the chance.
Not seen, of course.
O brazenly into the spotlight of existing authority, teachers, parents or guardians.

Do it for curiosity.
Do not say that you already know everything, that you are perfectly familiar with the story.
It is not true and you know it.
Sum the times you have cast your vote and those where someone has taken advantage of the unearned privilege of doing for you.
Then you tell me.

Do it for consistency, if you prefer.
I remember you, you're the one who every day complain that the State is all a robbery, that strictly up there they decide everything, that we do not count anything and that's why we find ourselves doing just our business.
Well, show me, indeed: show yourself that those were not just silly words.

Look, do it at least for your children.
Or grandchildren.
For other people's kids or each child you do not know, for every young life.
Because if there is even one chance that the most feared among the champions of the seas are right, you have to consider who will risk more, on this earth.

And if all that were not enough, do it to give a warning.
Whatever your opinion on the topic under discussion.
Flags do not matter, now.
Make those who assumed that you will always choose the worst road shown to you be wrong…

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