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Migrants invasion in the old body

Stories and News No. 870

In the old Europe, Austria rises high its anti migrant cry: we are ready to use the army.

It was a darker than usual night, when the elder man stirred in his sleep.
Meanwhile, the brain stood up and started to scream.
Because this is what angry cervices do when rise up straight.
Shouting, yelling loudly.
Ignoring that the height does not instill credibility to the speech, as the bitterness in the tone.
Provided that the sense of the speech was the real reason of everything.
"They come to corrupt us", the brain screamed brutalizing without saving the vocal cords.
"They want to rule in our house, erasing our history and our traditions.
"«The belly is empty», they use to say, provided that it is true.
"So, what we have to do? What we got to do with the hell is happening south of the lungs?"
"The problem is that they are too many, this is the truth. And they all want to come to us."
"They say that it would be our duty, since we are the most part guilty of their fate.
"Well, it's time to stop this victimization, it no longer works. Everyone must be accountable for its own path.
"They argue that there are no different routes, all the parts are going in the same direction and sooner or later we will have to answer for their suffering.
"This is a threat that we cannot tolerate anymore.
"This is terrorism.
"In addition, we know what could happen if we allow them to get to us as they please.
"Just look for a moment those deluded and beardless creatures, who do not have the faintest idea of how you should govern a body, wandering of reckless mixtures and random brotherhoods.
"It’s easy to talk like this when your head is free and light. And you can fill it with all silliness that will stand up like hot air.
"Then time passes and you discover that not just good things come from there. So you begin to feel the fear, the real fear, the worst one.
"The fear of what could invade you, to eat you alive, like terrible aliens, even if it will never happen in your life and all those who will follow.
"We must warn you against them and that is why we have decided to close every avenue that leads to us."
The brain ordered and although trembling, wrinkled hands were able to reach the neck and began to squeeze.
More and more.
Nevertheless, it was one of the good days, that.
As far as the fingers clutched the throat, did not close it completely, and they managed to pass and reach the brain.
First a few, then many, finally all.
The feelings.
Human feelings on the run from the heart asking for help.
So, the old man smiled victoriously shutting out the fear.
Once again…

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