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World Book Day 2016: just a book…

Stories and News No. 869

Tomorrow, April 23, 2016, is the World Book Day...

Yes, I know, bear with me as well, but often it was everything.
A wife and a husband, both parents and a son, or even just something that will wait for you endlessly.
It will not ask you anything but eyes.
Curious fingers and will.
To walk together.
There is time, there is always time, do not listen to those who used to tell you that they do not have even a minute.
You need just a second, listen.
Indeed, read.
Because it is everything, it can be everything.
I understand, despise me, judge me too.
But with it I was a woman, tall and old, young and beautiful, or just convinced of being it.
To become one day.
Or not anymore.
I was the worst person in the world, I saw death with my own eyes, I have killed and brought life into the world, I disintegrated planets and, more than anything else, I forgot the pain.
Because reading means to live the missing life.
What always will.
The voids that nobody will erase, because he could not even if he wanted to.
In the real world it is like throwing water on red hot sand with delusional hope that it will become a dreamy lake.
Well, between the covers you do not think about it.
Or you do with the right frame of mind.
What matters is that you are flying, really, believe me, you will fly in there.
Everything, it can soothe everything.
The first time, do I have to talk about the very first one?
The first time, one of the rare, of course, that I really felt proud to be part of the human species?
Listen, it is a true story, read at least that, because here the ravings are in abundance, but no trick on this line.
How not to mention that night, late, when everyone was asleep in the house, with oppressive heat, with that fearful child who ventures into the darkness beyond the refuge called “my room” to drink a glass of water.
It was also the first time that the heart raised its head up and challenged the fearsome, trembling belly on its own ground.
It won, yes, it have won, because that little kid never reached the kitchen that night.
The heart, of course, but also the feet, arms and especially hands followed the call of the library in the living room, full of yellowed volumes and infested by silverfish, with a flower crushed inside and in exchange for little money were everything.
TV, mobile phone, PC and everything else.
Even love and the best company.
A moment later a sudden light radiated that room lagged behind in the last century, when I met the first paper miracle.
Since then the magic happens every time.
But what do you want more?
Nothing for me.
Forgive me, because to me a book, just a book, it is still capable of being.

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