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First Muslim mayor in my town

Stories and News No. 875

It seems that the Labour Sadiq Khan could become mayor of London.
And, as pointed out by some newspapers, he would be the first Muslim mayor in the town...

Let's assume.
Let's assume that you was not in London.
Yes, I am talking to you who are reading.
Let's say you look at this page from a completely different city.
Mine, for example.
Or even yours, there is no difference.
Then you starts to read the news and find the alleged striking freshness: the first Muslim mayor was elected in our city.
Yes, let it be yours.
Or mine too.
Do you realize the comments?
Now he will fill us with mosques, they will build it anywhere, in fact, attending will be obligatory.
And how will the rest of us find time to watch football... oops, I meant to go to the Mess?
He will impose the veil on our women and force them to submit to males, even if we are famous in the world for the respect we have for ladies…
The Quran, I forgot the Quran. He will oblige us to read it all.
And how will the rest of us find time to watch... oops, I meant to read other things?
Even if we are famous in the world for the number of books we read per year…
Books? We will have to read and write from right to left!
And how will the rest of us find the time... and you know what I mean.
We will have to grow a beard like him, you see.
He does not have it?
But is he really a Muslim?
Anyway, he must not dare to remove our shops to put those Kebab vendors: first those born here, and then the other, this is our rule.
What? He was born here?
He was born, grew up and graduated in our city?
Excuse me, but is he seriously Muslim or just pretending?
Maybe it is something he used to get the vote by Muslims.
I know someone who just eats Tacos before the cameras to recapture Hispanic voters, after having insulted them in every imaginable way, I can expect everything.
Let's assume, then.
Let's say that, sooner or later, it will also happen in your city.
In mine.
That a first Muslim mayor will be elected.
I hope that that day we will take care only.
If we will have.
A good mayor

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