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Floods in Sri Lanka 2016: where the magic is

Stories and News No. 876

Once again torrential rains and floods befall on Sri Lanka.
Right now we speak of three buried villages, 137 thousand people forced to leave their home, 36 dead and at least two hundred families missing.
Fortunately, there is magic...

Be fast.
Hurry, do not waste time, grab the camera, indeed, the smartphone and steal the moment.
The proof.
The indisputable evidence that the spells work.
Of course the demonstration is all yours, you who are watching.
Try to understand, my brother and I are now veterans of such discoveries.
It has occurred so many times that it became an ordinary miracle.
Anyway do not believe that this will move us to the unexpected result.
Get used to the normal wonders.
The spectacle never fails with us, even now it colors the heart, at this very moment.
Because it is a shared fire.
Because it is the only life we have.
We do not need invincible superhero teams even fighting each other.
The rest of us cannot afford that luxury.
Because the enemy is always here, a centimeter from the wire that holds it all.
Home, loving ones and future, suspended on the hungry hole that is our usual floor.
Yet Dad smiles, you see?
Just as my brother, who hates the shirts on the skin almost as much as the mosquitoes that so have an easier time with him.
I have thoughts to add to the total levity of the moment, despite the tragedy that frames.
Yes, I reflect.
Sure, I think.
And I am thankful.
You might not believe it, but I am thankful with all my heart for the gifts we have.
The valuable companion with whom I share just now the gaze.
The paternal hand that accompanies us on the path.
But above all I am grateful for life itself.
Because the special effects really exist.
No at the blockbuster movies and even less in the literary sagas.
It is all here.
Where at any moment we survive.
Transforming the pain and misfortune into the opposite.
Where the magic is...

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