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The average ranting citizen’s beam

Stories and News No. 873

The front page news have variable and constant occurrences. Among the latter you never fail to read about terrorism and immigrants. Above all, what is really omnipresent is the impetuous protest of the irritated average citizen...

On the road.
Two men meet.
Or collide, the choice is yours.
A moment after the unexpected crossing of existences, one of them says: "Did you see the dirt here around? It's a shame."
"In fact, though..."
"It's normal, with all these illegal people who have no respect for our city. You know that there is a squatter camp right here? But this time in the upcoming elections I’ll give my vote to him, so we’ll finally kick them off."
"Perfect, but..."
"Of course, you’re right, that is not the whole problem. Do we want to talk about carefully? "
"All right, if maybe..."
"Let's talk, then. There is no room for everyone, here, no work for us, let alone for those guys. However, they don’t really look for a job. I'm not racist, but... but they are make me become, because these persons are not like us, they are uncivilized."
"I see, anyway ..."
"If they were Christians, one could as well find some common point, but how could we communicate with those people with the long beard and the carpet? They live in a world of their own, they don’t integrate."
"By the way, I would..."
"One may argue: let's see, let's try. What do you want to see? What the hell do you want to try? The Chinese live with us since a lot of time and they are always... the Chinese, with their restaurants and small shops."
"Okay, but..."
"If I had the money I would go abroad, but in some quiet place, though. Because with these terrorists we civilized people are at risk. They hate us, they hate and envy us. They want us all dead, that's the truth."
"It may be, nevertheless..."
"We should build a nice wall around and who stays out worse for him. Indeed, a wall is not enough. A large rugged bubble, a dome, like that TV Series. All safe and the rest of the world goes to hell. "
"I understand, now, if you may..."
"Shit, I already regret having left the house, here. They made us dislike going for a walk, they ruined our life, and then others tell us that we need to help those debauched criminals without any dignity..."
"I told you I understand!" Shouts the other man shaking the very air, capturing the attention of all near passers-by.
"I understand what you think," repeated the man with a disfigured face thanks to the frustration, "and if you had not spoken I would still caught your point of view. But, as I said earlier, now, if you may do me a favor in this order, I will be happy: raise the foot which you’re crushing mine with, withdraw with the special glove the dung that your horrendous mastiff left on the sidewalk and, while you’re there, collect from the ground even the plastic package of the cigarettes that you has just bought from the tobacco shop here. Then, you must apologize to the young man who you bumped entering the shop, the incoming elderly lady who you have not given priority, all children passed through here in the meantime for the vulgarities you just said and the immigrant who tried to sell you CDs for insulting him, since, unlike you, he is working. Finally, me too I should go and earn my bread, so you should promptly move your double parked car that prevents mine going out, then remember to march in reverse, as you came in the wrong direction in a unique way. Then, if you like, you might also continue."
Your ranting...

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