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Anti Racism App

Stories and News No. 894 Imagine to install a special App in your head. A mental App, starting a moment before reading . Listening . And watching . Imagine that such valuable program will delete any information about the so-called “ racial profile ” of the protagonists. By the way, Harry Potter would have been less magical with the turban on his head? You would have admired more a Swedish Nelson Mandela ? The greatness of the famous step for mankind of the first man on the moon has depended in some way from the astronaut’s birthplace ? So, read , listen and watch today's news with me. You will come to know, therefore, that a human being has killed another, or even more. You will read , listen and watch a lot about that. You will discover also that someone has saved many. You will read , listen and watch a few, about that, but please, do me a favor: do not use it as an excuse for your more or less despicable actions. Somebody will tell you of people who abuse o

69 millions children will die

Stories and News No. 893 According to yet another report by UNICEF 750 million women will be married as children by 2030. Always before that date 69 million children will die. At the moment 247 million of the latter are deprived of what they need to survive and grow . Photograph : Aaron Favila/AP Imagine it is a movie. A strange one, you will see, but just a film. Rented, if you want, downloaded, if you prefer. Imagine that even the TV is bizarre. A very new one, bought on internet from a distracted seller. One of those who ignore their stuff as you. later A bit like some storytellers, which only later mature an idea of what they just wrote. Very later. Now, regardless of the pleasure of viewing, take the remote control and look for it. Yes, it, the most underrated button in the modern run. The most dangerous solution for the pyramidal earth. The real weapon of mass liberation . The pause button. Yes, pause. Now take a deep breath and now push the other key

Zoo to close after 140 years: the weight of time for Sandra

Stories and News No. 892 Buenos Aires authorities have announced plans to close their zoo after 140 years , arguing that keeping wild animals in captivity in display is degrading . The mayor said that 2,500 of them will be transferred to nature reserves in Argentina and that the place will be turned into an educational park and shelter for victims of trafficking. The orangutan Sandra welcomed the news with happy, wise detachment... Truth . Orangutan Sandra - Photo: Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images Truth is manifested in many forms. So justice . And just as the simple consideration of the lives of others. Nevertheless, one of the most unique paradoxes of you people is revealed when truth, justice and the simple consideration of others' lives intertwine in the same place and time, when the whole reason for common standing is mostly banal. How to find that imprisoning living creatures inside cages with the sole purpose of selling their infinite sadness, their inevitab

Refugee camp: letter to the man of the future

Stories and News No. 891 According to Médecins Sans Frontières at least 1,200 people , including 500 children, have already died of starvation and illness in refugee camp in Bama, northeast Nigeria. There are currently about 24,000 residents , including 15,000 children . Can you think about the educational and humanitarian visits organized by institutions and schools at the Auschwitz concentration camp ? Every year politicians, journalists, intellectuals and celebrities do their walk there, all touched by the heavy memory. I'm talking about the lager , metaphor of a place where the victims of the time consume the last hours of their lives locked in a kind of unmerited hell on earth. Imagine living in the days when the latter was in full swing. Imagine us . At the same time, imagine him or her . The person who in the future will visit the abominable camps of the past . And present ... Dear son, daughter. Or maybe grandson, who knows? Only you, anyway. Only yo

Brexit or not Brexit story of Nigel and Ousmane

Stories and News No. 890 Think about Nigel , the blond Nigel, the pale Nigel and all his eagerness to get out from Europe. At the same time, consider Ousmane , the dark hair Ousmane, the brown Ousmane and all his hope of get in Europe. Life is a paradox, isn’t it? We used to say that often imagination exceeds reality, but the more time passes, the more we underestimate the separation. The truth is that imagination has already arrived in each, imaginable or real place, since the race’s beginning. In the meantime reality loves slowing down so much to walk backwards. So, Nigel comes even to assert that among the reasons of leaving Europe there is also immigration from countries beyond the royal boundaries. So, maybe in a completely different way, Ousmane comes and nothing more. Because arriving here is all for him. But there are also intersections between the two stories, confused parts, so similar to look the same. You know, Nigel would get out of Europe to protect the econom

Jo Cox murder: what you will not read

Stories and News No. 889 On 16 June 2016, the British Labour Politician Helen Joanne "Jo" Cox was killed by firearm and a knife outside a bookshop in Birstall, in West Yorkshire. For the record, an elderly gentleman of 77 years was also stabbed as he tried to prevent her death. The aggressor is the 52 year old Tommy Mair , close to the organization for white supremacy, opposing Europe and supporter of South African apartheid, called Springbok Club. Meanwhile Mair has already proven to be a supporter of the National Alliance, the largest neo-Nazi organization in the US. The man, before he made his vile action, shouted ' Britain first '... You will read. You will read so much. You will read so much about the murder on the street and the killer, the today best villain. To be precise, you will read little about him, because at the end of the day they will tell you one thing. The guy was a lunatic , he had mental disorders , he was just crazy . You'll

They are not like us

Stories and News No. 888 Well, me too I had to recognize that Farage , Le Pen and Salvini are right when they stand in defense of our glorious continent ... They are not like us . They don’t have our values and culture. They don’t integrate. They have no respect for others and for the host country. They’re just here to bring disorder and violence. They are only here to destroy our way of life. They’re here only to be masters in our house. Because they are not like us. Because they don’t have our traditions and civilization. Because they don’t conform to our laws. And because they have no desire to do so. They always move in horde. They believe they can act undisturbed, because nothing happens. They only bind each others. They arm themselves as they wish. The reality is that they are not like us. The truth is that they have not our history. Normality is that they should not stay with us. And the simplicity would be rejecting them already on the border. Peopl

The Munduruku indigenous people against them

Stories and News No. 887 In Brazil the Munduruku indigenous people are protesting against the government, guilty of wanting to build 40 dams on the Tapajós River basin; the project cannot be justified even economically, according to a recent report by Greenpeace. It seems that only the first one of the planned dams would flood 400 square kilometers of pristine rainforest , causing the deforestation of an area of 2,200 square kilometers . The Munduruku are an ethnic group of just over eleven thousand, and seems to know only count up to five , defining generally people from outside as “ them ”. Here I am, still. Ready to resist, sure. With my back on the ground, confident. Because I am loved and defended by who I love you defend. From them . Indeed, I say it and I'm not ashamed, now more than ever in the era of virtual dotted miracles. I'm an indigenous. A native, if you want. A wild man, if you prefer. A Munduruku, if you really want to know the whole story

Eritrean refugee mistakenly arrested: the wrong man

Stories and News No. 886 The Italian and British police are facing at this time allegations to have confused a known smuggler of migrants, Medhane Yehdego Mered , with an innocent refugee, Medhanie Tesfamariam Berhe , who was arrested in Sudan. If he was the wrong man ... Sorry about that, okay? You are all equal, to us. I had also said that maybe you was not the man, really. "Are we sure?" That’s what I said, please, Your Honor, note it in the acts. Oops... there's no judge? We can do as we please? As You wish. Indeed, as we do. Anyway, it's easy to say innocent . Indeed, it is quite the opposite, we get virtually nothing to say guilty . As to forget you. The innocent. Anyway, it's easy to discover the skeletons in the closet. What? I understand, you don’t have any closet. But the skeletons... No, I'm not referring to your kids, extremely emaciated, which you try to pity us with. I refer to your misdeeds. Don’t tell me you have a cl

Wars without witnesses and asteroids

Stories and News No. 885 "We need to put the emphasis on civilian population ," said one of the newly freed journalists in Syria, Ángel Sastre . "Because wars without witnesses are the worst kind of wars..." Ignored stories, negligible fragments that pass us by fast, like the little LT1 that grazes our planet, but it has only discovered three days before... We are many. Too many. We are like asteroids with easy names. To forget. We are like tailless and short-lived comets, because that is the space gained in the newspapers, and when it happens it's always too late. As an adolescent who dies of a drug overdose in an abandoned place. We do not come from a complaining movie of the last century. It really happens today, in 2016, not in the seventies. We are a migrant killed and everything starts again. Because he deserved it, right? Because he was violent, bad and out of mind. Because he was just a migrant and it would be enough, let’s be honest fo

What universe you live in?

Stories and News No. 884 In only two days, Turkey has been the scene of horrific attacks that have caused deaths and injuries. Imagine if it happened in any city in Europe or the United States... There are many universes , some say . Some call them parallel dimensions . Different views and yet cohabiting in the common existing. So, if this is true, there is a universe where an attack is an attack. Dead are just dead. The bad guys are bad and the good ones are what they should ever be. However, people do not talk about it because they feel some attacks closer than others. They perceive those dead closer than others. They see those bad guys more bad than others, although they are the same. Indeed they love the good ones, but never as much as their good guys. At the same time, there is also a universe where an attack is just another attack. If it really happened. The dead are dead, why to care, then? The bad guys are bad? Death to them. The good are good, until they

Japanese missing boy in forest: what I learned

Stories and News No. 883 After six nights spent alone the seven years old Yamato Tanooka was found . The young boy had been punished by parents and left in the woods in Japan. An experience that, for sure, will mark him forever... What I have learned . What I learned is always the most important question. And it is, equally, the most unexpected answer. I learned that I am alone . That I was. And I always will be in front of the human idiocy, when I will aspire to survive it. I learned that alone, only alone, I can really understand how much alone I am. But it will never happen confused between the masks of fear and ignorance that most of the adults show as if they were wearing the best dress. I learned that once alone you cannot stand still waiting for the left behind world coming up with you. It does not worth the effort. And, ultimately, the chances of this happening are slim to none. Indeed, the paradox is that, where there is a desire to make your path an example

Story of migrants: the three questions

Stories and News No. 882 According to United Nations, more than 2,500 refugees and migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year. This is a dream, thought the man . It should be, he hoped more than anything else. She was there, along with the her new friend at the foot of his bed, like an old fairy tale. Allow me to confide, she said. Her new friend was silent. The man did not answer. He could not speak even if he had really wanted to. Even if he were awake. I'm tired, she declared. I'm so tired, she repeated. Why you're not? This is my first question . How can you not want to run out of all this? How do you still pronounce these words? And you have said them, don't deny it, oh if you said them. Without going too far, once you said that, at the end of the day, they deserved hell for what they did to our Lord, because they adored money, living only among themselves, not integrating . You said also that, after all,