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69 millions children will die

Stories and News No. 893

According to yet another report by UNICEF 750 million women will be married as children by 2030.
Always before that date 69 million children will die.
At the moment 247 million of the latter are deprived of what they need to survive and grow.
Photograph: Aaron Favila/AP

Imagine it is a movie.
A strange one, you will see, but just a film.
Rented, if you want, downloaded, if you prefer.
Imagine that even the TV is bizarre.
A very new one, bought on internet from a distracted seller.
One of those who ignore their stuff as you. later
A bit like some storytellers, which only later mature an idea of what they just wrote.
Very later.
Now, regardless of the pleasure of viewing, take the remote control and look for it.
Yes, it, the most underrated button in the modern run.
The most dangerous solution for the pyramidal earth.
The real weapon of mass liberation.
The pause button.
Yes, pause.
Now take a deep breath and now push the other key.
The new, unusual, and magical one, showed inside the weird instructions of the geezer TV you bought from the unfocused seller above.
It is happening right now, the only special effect that actually you already had, but that's what sellers usually do.
They convince you to buy things you forgot you had.
The screen surface is dissolving, so the room’s walls, just as those of the house and everything which is related to human existence disappears like a mirage wanting to be sincere.
Look, please.
Look, get up and move through the wonders beyond the boundaries of the smartphone.
Because the magic button pauses the world, all of it, except you.
Look carefully.
Do you see them?
Do you see the pregnant keywords of the world, common cloud?
Can you see the words that fill your talking with impetuous arrogance and your thinking with easy outsmart?
Can you see the futile speeches you are anxious to shout in the ears of others and to post on the bulletin boards of virtual friends.
They are not so many, right? You could put them all together in one sentence and you know the craziest thing? In spite of the absolute distance between a term and the other the result might have sense.
Because that is how it works, the life strictly on easy side of the monitor and that only through the latter joins the game.
Everything, despite the madness, makes sense, in a little room and a short time, a bit like the twittering 140 characters.
Everything can be normal and acceptable, isn’t it?
Well, now look at the rest.
You cannot help but see it.
You cannot say, this time, you did not see it.
Because thanks to the gift of the pause that pathetic piece of gray that you call sky, in a little room and a short time, is finally revealed for what it is.
A pathetic piece of gray.
A pathetic piece of gray the pretends to hide 247 million children who would make great party every day with the crumbs of your dining board and 750 million young girls that, even at this very second, are coming eaten by as many orcs.
Now go ahead, restart the movie, if you like.
And maybe.
Pause yourself.
Because there is no other way to understand, once and for all, that this movie is happening for real...

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