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Anti Racism App

Stories and News No. 894

Imagine to install a special App in your head.
A mental App, starting a moment before reading.
And watching.
Imagine that such valuable program will delete any information about the so-called “racial profile” of the protagonists.
By the way, Harry Potter would have been less magical with the turban on his head?
You would have admired more a Swedish Nelson Mandela?
The greatness of the famous step for mankind of the first man on the moon has depended in some way from the astronaut’s birthplace?
So, read, listen and watch today's news with me.
You will come to know, therefore, that a human being has killed another, or even more.
You will read, listen and watch a lot about that.
You will discover also that someone has saved many.
You will read, listen and watch a few, about that, but please, do me a favor: do not use it as an excuse for your more or less despicable actions.
Somebody will tell you of people who abuse others.
Of persons who use their own death sharing it with all life near their unbearable hatred, deafening sadness and infinite loneliness.
And humans exploited to the last shred of humanity.
Nevertheless, if you have enough patience you will come across those who, like it or not, are your neighbors.
You will also find those who use their lives to share it, period. And you'll be surprised to see how many will be similar to you, period again.
Really, imagine to find this App in your memory.
Beginning to work at the right time.
Before you will read, listen and watch.
Seriously, imagine that such futuristic software would find and make invisible any note about the country of origin of the involved actors.
A Chinese Brigitte Bardot would perhaps be less beautiful, in your eyes?
And a German Muhammad Ali would not be the greatest anyway?
The brain of a Philippine Albert Einstein would still not be the most gifted of human history?
So, read, listen and watch what has happened in the world today.
Let’s do it now, together.
We will be aware of people who do evil, as good things.
Predestined or just unfortunate victims.
Heroes and cowards.
Simply fragile people.
Famous women and men for just one day.
Unknown children.
Of course, the consequences would be many and writing clearly in the instructions of the App would be fair: reading, listening and watching the only, important essence of human events and their protagonists will force you to ask yourself questions on meaning of the former and reasons of the latter.
However, what happens otherwise?
What happens when everything is weighed down by color of the skin and flags, shape of the eyes and hair, place of birth or death?
What happens every day in our heads?

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