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Jo Cox murder: what you will not read

Stories and News No. 889

On 16 June 2016, the British Labour Politician Helen Joanne "Jo" Cox was killed by firearm and a knife outside a bookshop in Birstall, in West Yorkshire.
For the record, an elderly gentleman of 77 years was also stabbed as he tried to prevent her death.
The aggressor is the 52 year old Tommy Mair, close to the organization for white supremacy, opposing Europe and supporter of South African apartheid, called Springbok Club. Meanwhile Mair has already proven to be a supporter of the National Alliance, the largest neo-Nazi organization in the US.
The man, before he made his vile action, shouted 'Britain first'...

You will read.
You will read so much.
You will read so much about the murder on the street and the killer, the today best villain.
To be precise, you will read little about him, because at the end of the day they will tell you one thing.
The guy was a lunatic, he had mental disorders, he was just crazy.
You'll see, they will do it.
They've already done.
Madness is a blanket that most often destroys the soul, but if it's the big hand to use it, it solves everything in a short time, a bit like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction.
What you will not read will remain as usual outside the door.
You will not read a lot of requests coming from everywhere to right-handed screamers and borders obsessed to distance from the criminal.
You have to distance from him, moderate neo-Nazis and extremists.
You will not read passionate articles and heated discussions on the religious belief of the murderer.
Sure, maybe if you just had the interest, you may come to know about the anti-Islamic "Christian patrols" marches of the killer's group.
But you will not find any mention among the noble pages about the faith of the latter.
If a guy is crazy is all you need to know, the card is invincible, it's like a perfect bowling ball.
Strike, resets everything and let’s go to the next shot.
You will not read about marches to defend the good person, a really good one, killed for having fought in the name of the common good, the really, very good one.
You won’t even read about delirious generalizations on social pages and twitter crusades against all the white right people.
You will not read of patrols specifically organized to protect the good citizens by them.
You will not read about would-be politicians of the same area of the victim, so-called intellectuals of the same flag of the deceased woman and engaged artists in the common area of the unfortunate politician even joining the manipulative chorus against the white killers.
And what should they do? Should they miss the mud’s wave? Votes are votes, gosh.
Because maybe they may have a point: right and the left are equal.
It's all the same.
Only in two cases, when we should be once and for all treated the same way, we become suitably different.
When we die.
And when we kill...

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