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They are not like us

Stories and News No. 888

Well, me too I had to recognize that Farage, Le Pen and Salvini are right when they stand in defense of our glorious continent...

They are not like us.
They don’t have our values and culture.
They don’t integrate.
They have no respect for others and for the host country.
They’re just here to bring disorder and violence.
They are only here to destroy our way of life.
They’re here only to be masters in our house.

Because they are not like us.
Because they don’t have our traditions and civilization.
Because they don’t conform to our laws.
And because they have no desire to do so.

They always move in horde.
They believe they can act undisturbed, because nothing happens.
They only bind each others.
They arm themselves as they wish.

The reality is that they are not like us.
The truth is that they have not our history.
Normality is that they should not stay with us.
And the simplicity would be rejecting them already on the border.

People are afraid, when they’re around them.
People are forced to shut themselves in their house, as they pass.
People are sick of these people.
People have the right to have freedom at their home.

However, the government talks but does nothing.
Nevertheless, the newspapers write a lot of articles and publish many photos.
Yet, the TV News and the talks are chatting and pontificating.
And the so-called intellectuals justify all.

What no one can doubt is that they are not like us.
They don’t believe in what we believe.
They have not families like ours.
They have no idea what living in a civil community means.
And they won’t ever want to learn it.

How many times should they destroy our city?
How many times must we endure their arrogance?
How many times must we read of their misdeeds?
How many?

It's time for you to accept once and for all the evidence.
It’s not a matter of intolerance or racism.
These people are not like us...

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