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Zoo to close after 140 years: the weight of time for Sandra

Stories and News No. 892

Buenos Aires authorities have announced plans to close their zoo after 140 years, arguing that keeping wild animals in captivity in display is degrading.
The mayor said that 2,500 of them will be transferred to nature reserves in Argentina and that the place will be turned into an educational park and shelter for victims of trafficking.
The orangutan Sandra welcomed the news with happy, wise detachment...

Orangutan Sandra - Photo: Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images
Truth is manifested in many forms.
So justice.
And just as the simple consideration of the lives of others.
Nevertheless, one of the most unique paradoxes of you people is revealed when truth, justice and the simple consideration of others' lives intertwine in the same place and time, when the whole reason for common standing is mostly banal.
How to find that imprisoning living creatures inside cages with the sole purpose of selling their infinite sadness, their inevitable madness and their invisible, slow death of the soul is degrading.
Of course it is.
It was, indeed.
Everything has been so since the first verse of a cruel lullaby that bipeds by the alleged brain superiority insist on singing in chorus.
Sleep, lower creatures, close your eyes, servant nature, give in to the misery which we have confined you in, functional lives to the gods of flesh and blood.
I think this is the very first verse.
However, as a caterpillar in the mood of optimism confided to me one day, it is only a matter of time.
After all, that is for each season, as they say.
It applies to every story.
It applies to everybody.
Humans and animals.
Because time has a weight, but is often a misleading measure.
And when you convince yourself that the real power is squeezing every second in a closed fist here is that you become the slave.
This was the last word of the caterpillar before dying.
And so was the first one spoken by the newborn butterfly spreading her wings.
Open every part of you to the world and the world will do the rest.
Now, I know well that I am not synonymous of a shining intellect.
Monkey is certainly not a compliment, among academics.
Nevertheless, I understood what my mutant friend meant.
I understood and I trusted.
I do not have wings.
I never will turn with such bombast.
But I took the advice, and I opened.
Really, starting from my hand.
And I saw it.
I saw the weight of time.
I realized that, unlike the human illusion, the real power is to let free every single second on an fully disclosed palm.
And sooner or later, maybe after one hundred and forty years.
You will be what you were meant to be.

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