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Climate change kills Men of the Lake

Stories and News No. 898

Because of climate change, caused also by global warming, the Lake PoopĆ³, the second largest of Bolivia, has dried up completely in December.
As a result, the indigenous community of Uru-Muratos, living mainly by fishing, has been forced to flee their homes and become refugees. Not for a military conflict or persecution, but climate change.
In fact they have lost their identity, because for thousands years the Uru-Muratos were called by another name.
The Men of the Lake...

Once upon a time.
So the stories begin, all of them, even those who have forgotten.
That something was.
Once upon a time.
The forest, we used to say once upon a time in the woods, remember?
The place is important.
There must be, otherwise we do not know where to look.
Where to imagine.
Yeah, imagine is all, but we need a reference.
A recognizable place and, preferably, that makes sense for all.
Whichever piece of life which you listen to the story from.
That's why, in addition to being essential stuff, natural environments are the best.
Once upon a time in the woods, then, but also a mountain or an island, a river and of course it.
The Lake.
The space where the characters vibrate and make their lives believable is sovereign and divine.
Because we belong to it, this is the only, undervalued truth.
Then there are them, the protagonists.
The people.
Wild, that is fine, naive, you are right, and sometimes brutal, I agree too.
However – look how it is still relevant today, if the people belongs to the lake and not the contrary, how could they forbid the traveler a more or less prolonged passage?
You cannot deny what is not yours.
You can only share it at very best.
Well, designed the scene and chosen the actors, the story is almost done.
Who you are, where you are and why you're there, these are the three foundations of narration.
So leave away your heavy meninges by wasted time and empty words.
Because throwing the fishing line and pull up the nets to feed belly and spirit spirit is truly paradise on earth.
The normal story.
Simple of a neatness that smacks of perfection.
Once upon a time.
There was once a lake and its people.
Then the time when the story ends comes.
Because the lake ands and so those who belong to it.
Dear friend from the higher civilization.
Do you really think that your story will have a different ending?

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