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See you soon

As usual, the blog closes for  summer.
Also this year, from September to now, we have read the news, you and I.
Not always - because even sharing stuff on the web is now a mechanism like any other, but sometimes we have chosen.
The news, as stories to give greater prominence.
Because something inside drove our fingers on the mouse or the keyboards.
There have been too many deaths.
The ignored and undervalued dead, even more.
As many as a surprising amount of unexpected, human gestures.
Enough to consider them unlikely.
Let alone worthy of the front page.
Nevertheless, here, now, even in this space which we are all part of, as long as the heart will beat we have a chance to decide.
What to read and what to fight for.
What to remember.
And what look further.
None of us is born simple user and silent reader, passive liker and loyal fan, regular wearer of popular avatars and precise sharer of more or less noble trend.
We were born and we can return to be, at any moment, something better.

I leave you with the top 10 of the most read stories from September 2015.
See you soon.

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