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Stories of sport: the wrong playgrounds of Bangkok

Stories and News No. 911

A Thai real estate developer had the idea of creating in Khlong Toei, a densely populated area of Bangkok, irregular playgrounds, trying to get the most of limited space. The capital of Thailand is an eight million inhabitants city practically built on a swamp, and, because of the growing overpopulation, is desperately in needs of space, with new shopping centers and residential projects to the detriment of the poorest communities...

Well, the game is about to begin.

It must do it.
It is a matter of life and life.
Because death is not an expected result.
It does not when kids are ready to deal with everything to play.
They say that the important thing is to take part, where the lines are straight and the ball rolls smoothly.
You know, here taking part is not the only important thing.
Everything is.
Even losing.
Because it means that the game was really there.
That someone has taken the field.
And someone else saw and told everything.
Here we are, the referee blows, let us play.
We have got the very first kick.

How nice it is being able to say, even if it is just a game.
We have got the very first kick is the most beautiful phrase in the world after everybody go to shower, because it means that there is water, and everybody can drink, because it means that it is clean.
But the best word is everybody.
Because it means that there is something for everybody.
Then, of course, if you score a goal is a great time, but short.
It is not a matter of snobbery. The unacceptable disregard for a successful stunt is not granted, but in the wrong fields the game must go on, not the show.
Even after an amazing goal you should be careful.
Because if the game has started it does not mean will last forever.
Sooner or later, you know, the game will have an
Sure, I understand what the players of soft meadows will say. The final whistle is in the rules. Match time, plus recoveries, extra time and penalties.
Sorry, but these original athletes have made a small change...
That is, a venial omission for the rest of the world and a valuable oversight for them.
Plus deleted.
Because once the teams are finally free to clash, where the real obstacle will not be the opponent, they will do all to enjoy the moment.
In spite of every sporting manual, they will kick the ball from balconies and cellars, and if mom or dad will lean out just at the climax, with the pride of the house near the enemy line, ready to win and jump for joy, the miracle is accomplished.
Joy for everybody.
And everybody back on the field...

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