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Children of Aleppo killed: how we escape

Stories and News No. 910

According to UNICEF since last Friday, only in the eastern Aleppo, Syria, at least 96 children were killed and 223 were injured.
"These children are trapped in a nightmare," said deputy executive director Justin Forsyth. "There are no words to describe the suffering they are experiencing."

Words are over, for us.

Trapped in a nightmare.

Maybe we only escape to reach more or less manipulated images.
Blurt between an alleged beautiful diva and a new super-equipped gasoline drinker.
At worst normalized in the large muffler called world news.

Maybe we even go out in an inspired speech.
In the sense of made by other heart and mind.
Even in a warlike gathering of cheaters dressed as doves.

We could also get out in a prayer, even if said as heaven commands.
A blessed speech, as they say.
Remembered with a clear compassion and then everyone out for a walk, the sun is still there.
With no hard feelings, indeed, light is light everywhere.

It also happens that we come out extremely

dignified in the magical kingdom of His Majesty the Fiction, among movies and songs, committed videos and even short pages like this.
Protagonists of moments of an unpredictable value.
Because, as it has always been and always will be, the public will decide life and death of words and dreams, not a deluded narrator.

For sure we go out in the worst way, marked with numbers between numbers in the bloody lists that will have weight only one day among many to come.
When the look that will measure the inhuman sum will feel innocent enough to do so.

Rarely we do get out for unspeakable luck or unexpected bad one, no middle ground. It depends by those who will welcome us at the end of the journey between water and ground.

Even more rarely we do get out for time frames as
well captives, between a friendly fire and a cruel mine. Fleeting unreal, so short and rarefied windows that really a few recognize them, just before the sky is tinged red again.
The usual, stubborn visionaries, life will always love them.

We go out invading nights and dreams of those who saw us with their own eyes, bringing the nightmare even to them. Well, this is an opportunity to ask forgiveness of the looks that come here with demobilized hearts.

So we escape, so far this is what they told you.
We do in all these ways, but none of them really happens.
Because this is how you escape your nightmare, when you look and read about us.
And because there is only one place in the world where we all will be, eventually, truly free and at peace.
Only where at free and at peace.
We will be.

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