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Racism stories: Danish school ethnic quota classes

Stories and News No. 902 

While the King of Norway becomes viral thanks to a truly commendable speech on diversity, in a school in Aarhus, Denmark, the principal has decided to divide students between ‘indigenous Danish’ and immigrants.

Let’s play a game.

A story, a promise.
A dance and a challenge.
On the same page.
Class, world.
In the same heart, if you like.
Classes for immigrants and classes for ‘true’ Danish?
Well, you can do more, you know?
Classes for those who look too profoundly in your eyes and classes for those who just pretend to give up the fight, classes for those who will never arrive first, but they have accepted and classes for those who will never give up.
And they are right too.
Classes for the ugly inside and classes for those from the ugly past, classes for those who have a beautiful future, but only if they have luck and those from the horrible past, not yet deleted.
Classes for those who always forget most futile things and classes for those who are doing everything to remember them.
Classes for Jews and for slaves, for Native Americans and for conscientious objectors, why not try again?
Classes for women who just claim to be women and classes for everyone, whoever they are, claiming to exist and nothing more.
Classes for those who cannot remain silent and classes for those who only silently will really say something.
Classes for those will never do anything good in life, but these will be incredibly funny, bad things.
And classes for those who will only do good things in the future, but the others will pay for that.
Classes for people who easily forget, classes for boys that you will miss and classes for girls that you will regret not having loved.
Classes for unjustly rejected, but all say that, as the innocents in prison.
Classes for deservedly promoted with honors, but many say this lie, among politicians.
Classes for those who just born lucky, and classes for who just born and that's fine, read as well as the true, lucky people who smile for nothing.
Classes for whites who wanted to be blacks and classes for blacks who want to be anywhere but elsewhere.
Classes for whites who are ashamed of being blacks inside and blacks for who are not aware of the contrary.
Classes of naked souls, so vulnerable, and empty classes.
Yes, classes of desks and chairs, bare and meaningless rooms.
As a society that burning young hopes raises huge bonfires to obscure the horizon of everybody.
A poem, a confidence.
A journey, a song and a delusion.
A pastime.
All on the same sheet.
School, universe.
At this very moment.
Do you like to divide classes between immigrants and Danes?
As you can see, there are billions of ways to separate people.
But if they seem a lot to you, my friend, it means that you have not the faintest idea of how many there are to unite them…

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