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Racism stories: a day with bad companions

Stories and News No. 907

Many in Italy criticized an image of the Pro Fertility campaign by the Ministry of Health, where below the supposed good guys symbolizing ‘good habits to be promoted’, separated by a fracture, you may see the ‘bad company to be abandoned’ (together with a girl smoking weed and a drug addict even a black man…)
Here is one day, then.
One day far from the good ones...

It is morning, very early.

Giulia always gets up first, because she loves to breakfast alone.
This is the way she gets the time to wake up calmly, but never completely.
Because something has to keep on dreaming.
Even awake.
Then she prepares milk and cookies for everyone, takes a shower, dresses and goes to work, where she teaches Italian to foreigners.
It often happens that many in classroom are blacks.
Bad companions in the picture painted for the day of fertility.
But this does not prevent the meeting of destinies.
To be even fruitful.
Just as the teacher spreads her national words among people coming from far away, Daniele enters the group assembled in the meeting room in the community.
He goes at the helm of the ship, despite appearing as a regular chair, like the others in the circle, where are the fragile hope souls torn from the dope.
The fascinating, poisonous traitor who should fill emptiness instead it devours all that just grazes.
The bad companions await a sign from him, and gradually open the doors of the common solitude.
No particular excitement, it is clear, but they do.
They do this for the very first time.
Tell me if there's anything more alive than those who resume to be born.
So it's time for lunch and, while Daniele and Giulia also take a break from so much badness, Stefania gets her shirts and start to job.
Actually, no, to dance.
It is a dance, always the same, no music, choreography by survivals in columns with tray in hand, waiting to reach her and the others.
Angels with cap, this is how one of the bad companions sitting in the canteen for the homeless uses to call them.
No, thinks Stefania. Because none of us has wings.
But we all dance to the tune of a perfect melody, between miseries.
The sound of normality, like eating something together.
Federico leaves home just after lunch.
He goes to jail and he is happy. Do you think this is healthy? I do not know, but it is not important, right? Not at all for this piece of stories, am I wrong?
Because he lost the real job, the one with the professionals of the goodness and, above all, always the same habits.
How to get rid with chilling ease of one who does not serve anymore to the cause.
Now he's a psychologist with inmates.
Perhaps, more than ever in this case, you should say with bad companions.
And the bad things he hears are many, no one denies.
But then he comes home and the next day retraces the same route.
Because he knows that, despite everything, the day after he will find something different even in a prison.
Because life can create life everywhere.
Then the sunset came.
For all it inevitably does.
And for once, albeit with different experiences, in the day of fertility, Giulia, Daniele, Stefania and Federico go to bed at the same moment and at the same time close their eyes with the same serenity.
Because, as many who live far from the good guys, they have realized that when the bad companions are abandoned by all, they need someone.
That welcomes them…

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