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International Day of Peace or Pause?

Stories and News No. 906

As many of you know today, 21 September, is the International Day of Peace - I suggest you to watch this video, established in 1981 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
A day dedicated to peace...
Well, after read some news, I had a discordant, out of tune, out of sync feeling.
Difficult otherwise in a day which, among others, speaks about usual clashes with the police for the murder of yet another black man in USA, more civilian deaths in Syria, other victims for terrorism in the Middle East and Africa, and other misfortunes on the tragic narration titled ‘The story of migrants’.
It seems that everybody is saying: “Okay, today is the Day of Peace, but the show must go on, I have just pulled the trigger, bought a lot weapons, dropped anywhere death and blood is already flowing”.
In a few words, it's ever too late.
That's why, in my humble opinion, to celebrate these occasions with the right attention, we need a suspended time between cruelties.
A sort of break...

Once upon a time there was The Day of Pause.

We do not know who invented it first.
A Russian, they say.
The Russians, I mean.
An American, the Americans say.
A French, the French, and so on.
However the creator of such marvel did not give them any more time to lose in the struggle for this advantageous authorship.
He, or she, seized the magic button and clicked.
The world paused.
All the planet stopped, at the exact moment when the finger flicked the wondrous machine.
All the inhabitants as frozen, wherever they were, defeating the laws of physics and chemistry. More than ever, the stock market and especially the inevitable, wretched fate, where a few win and the others, at best, applaud.
The only option offered was to watch and listen to all the others. Really connected, enough with social networks and apps.
So, by the very first second of the day of the pause, you had a lot of living images to admire.
The head of a child who emerged from mother’s womb, but not a mother and a child in any way related to you, rather all mothers and all children who at that moment entered the scene.
Maybe greeting with joy at the first cry or yearning with pain for the total absence of the latter.
I could say like the audience in a cinema or before TV, but it would be a lie, since in the day of pause what you saw was real.
You know, the truth wants just a moment, only the lies need some time to manifest itself.
Soon after, in many tried a great pleasure to discover that the pause day was not over yet.
So many saw what present time meant to the others.
The moment when a human being jumps on a boat to come and ask for borrowed life to you and not the exact contrary.
The precise second where our wretched governments, once again, bury in the most fragile soil the seed of hatred.
And the precious instant that would allow us to blow even the faintest whiff in the right direction.
Who knows, maybe after midnight all restarted as before.
And no one had clearly learned nothing from anyone.
Nevertheless, at least during the pause.
Everyone lived, without exception, in peace…

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