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Nuclear power plant in united kingdom: the ant's reply

Stories and News No. 905

The British Conservative government led by Theresa May announced the green light for the construction of the new nuclear power station, in collaboration with France and China, at the Hinkley Point site.
A £18 billion project, about 21 billion euro, a sharp contrast to the rest of Europe.
A sharp contrast with even more...

I talk to the animals.

That’s it, now I said it.
It is always the best to start a post with a good confession, strong stuff, that leaves you breathless and forces the reader to continue, I think I read somewhere.
I talk with the animals, but not all, though.
Only those who inspire me.
But do not misunderstand, please.
There is nothing holy in my inclination, so we avoid irreverent comparisons with the best known among the fauna chatter, which I do not name here in order to not be accused of hagiographic blasphemy.
Continuing on the path of honesty, the main reason is that it's just me that I speak, usually they do not respond.
Sometimes they recall the look, rarely emit noises or verses difficult to transcribe here on the page, but most of the times they ignore me.
Now I know where some of you will end up.
If you talk alone, with animals too, it means you are out of your mind.
Well, you are completely far from the truth, my friend.
I speak with animals and then I imagine the answers with such detail to be able to convince you of the answer’s coherence.
We could then say that you may sure place me in that shaky position, which to look at the things from, where are those very far from being saints, but doing everything to not seem crazy.
You want proof?
Here I am, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here for that.
Take this thing of the new nuclear power plant in England.
In contrast with the rest of Europe.
And in contrast with much more... like, for example, animals.
Get the ant whom I spoke to just now.
"Dude... do you know that the British have decided to build a new nuclear power station?"
The creature stopped for a moment, moved towards me antennae and eyes, which is always good not to look too closely, they do a bad impression.
It arched his left eyebrow, as if to say you really just called me dude? Then it moved its head left and right and continued its journey as if nothing had happened.
As if nothing had happened.
As if even animals do not surprise anymore with human idiocy.
As if now they had understood perfectly that we follow two opposite horizons.
Tell me if there is more coherent answer than that…

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