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Paralympics stories of courage: the parallel silent victories

Stories and News No. 901

Today in Brazil the 15th edition of the Summer Paralympic Games is going to start.
Paralympics, the parallel Olympics.
As if, right side of the supposed high road, another one is really flowing.
Somehow lacking something...

The most important thing is to take part, everyone remind often.
For many that means to win, for others absolutely not to lose, because a tie never really hurt anyone.
Perhaps the main thing is not any of those.
Let’s think about that.
Really, let’s ask ourselves the question, then.
Why have we come here?
Why did we go out of our lives to come and see the other run and fight, facing the limitations of his own nature?
Why, at the end of the story, do we rise up and launch our palms against each other, with growing fervor?
Why, in some way, do we feel to have won with her?
Why do we suffer for his victory?
Why do we feel what they have tried?
Why, to be completely honest, did we forget that this was the real reason to admire the miraculous gesture and its author?
On the other hand, the exploit happens every day, not only on the occasion of the annual celebration on the tracks.
The kingdom of mutilated souls, only in appearance, it is here now.
But also before and after the stadium lights take credit for everything.
Countless records are beaten every minute and approved instantly, despite helped by pure courage.
An untold number of elusive relay races run around us, although the baton is only composed of the substance which the promises are made of. Read as well as I swear I'll be there when you need.
With a patience that tastes divine, an incalculable sequence of obstacles are skipped, even though they are purely man-made.
Defying gravities, magnified by great quantities of inappropriate looks, everyday athletes dive from the higher trampoline, although only a few are seeing it.
Taking part is what matters, all say frequently.
For many it is just finish first, for others it is absolutely not last, otherwise it is better to stay at home.
Maybe what it is essential lies elsewhere.
Indeed, no ‘maybe’.
Because elsewhere, where parallel lives walk, run and jump, to get over yourself means to live...

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