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Humanitarian pause in Aleppo to steal time

Stories and News No. 919

Despite it seems there have already been violations, the humanitarian pause decided by Moscow began in Aleppo, Syria, to grant treatment to the wounded and sick, as well as the opportunity to civilians and combatants to leave the city.

Come, ladies and gentlemen, come in.

Come into the fantastic realm of humanitarian pause.
Where the seconds become minutes, minutes turn into endless dreams and hours freeze to death in the tight fists of timeless creatures.
Call us like that, we like it.
We are homeless too, certainly, but also without doors and windows, no dresser and nightstand.
Without any comfort.
Hopelessness, many.
No escape, too many.
Nevertheless this is not the right page to cry.
The lords of war and peace have rolled the die and the time hands have bowed their head.
They always do, even when they dance, but this moment, only this, it is for a good cause.
What a weird and crazy marriage of words.
Imagine the courtship, the first few days.
Hello, Pause is my name.
Please to meet you, Humanitarian is mine.
Stop the bombs, it is the meaning of my life.
The human being at the center of everything, it is mine.
And if it is love, let love be, that brings joy and good health to the rest of us.
However it remains the perplexity of the original pairs, such as the giant woman and the mouthy dwarf, the kind girl that becomes a beauty and the beast who learns to speak, the dancer without shoes and the spendthrift cobbler, you cannot help but admire them, by asking one question above all: how do they get together?
Pause, your time would be perfect at all instants prior to your arrival, to ward off all the terrible after’s that followed.
Humanitarian, your time instead should be always.
Nevertheless, this is not the suitable tale for complaining.
As absurd as the title and the plot are.
As paradoxical as design and costumes are, hurry, do not hesitate.
You, utopias' musicians, resume your instruments, chords and play along us.
You too, donors of imaginary brackets, open an infinity of them, one inside the other, up to deceive flames, knives and gunpowder.
They should die, rather than us.
And the rest of you, at the lucky side of the glass looking upon the life that takes a breath in the aquarium of death, try it yourself.
To steal murderers’ time…

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