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Hurricane Matthew 2016: under the same name

Stories and News No. 913

Hurricane Matthew is a major tropical cyclone crossing these days the Atlantic Ocean, recently listed as the first Category 5 since Hurricane Felix (2007).
It has already hit Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and is currently headed toward the Bahamas.
It is forecast to reach the eastern part of the United States, particularly Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.
Of countries and peoples.

Under the same name.
Under the same name an infinite number of things was born, lived and walked away, dissolving on the horizon,
Even those who had not aspired so much.
For example, do you think is normal a hurricane called as a human being?
We hurricanes do not, if you are interested.
Anyway, I am Mr. Matthew and I like it, it sounds good.
It makes me feel important, like I was not only air, water and all that I stir up in others, like many of you.
In my case, everything I wanted, except provoking fear and anguish, apprehension and even less people running away from me.
It is not my fault, I always say, the weather did it, but now these justifications sound childish at best.
What makes me proud is the underrated side of the storm, as we call it.
Yes, because whereas under the same name there is the equal, terrible, houses and windows breaker, monster, and although sometimes I ruined different and distant lives, what my passage moves should be stopped, as a picture to remember.
Under the same name, in other words.
Where the family is called family in any language...

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

And where friendship is friendship everywhere...

Hurricane Matthew in Jamaica

Where courage always mean only courage...

Hurricane Matthew in Cuba

And where solidarity is a common word...

Hurricane Matthew in Dominican Republic

Where hope is a shared value...


And where the loss is contagious...

Florida, USA

Now, excuse me, but I have to go, because my journey is not yet over.
Another world is waiting for me.
Despite most of the time it feels to be more world of others, family and friendship, courage and solidarity, hope and loss, under the same name, they are equal...

Florida, USA
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