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Italy Earthquake 2016 story is old

Stories and News No. 922

Hundreds of people in central Italy woke up this morning in makeshift shelters, in state of shock and exhaustion, after their cities were hit by two earthquakes.
The stories follow one another and all have a lot in common, as a tragic show that sadistically must go on.
A tale that, despite venial differences, has always the same opening words...

The earth shakes.

The first is a classic and is good for all the others.
Wherever you are, how much courage you can keep in the chest, the fear comes over and starts to court you.
It knows that the time is good.
And what would be better?
The floor starts to dance, the furniture join the dramatic ritual, prisoners of a magnetic choreography, ignorable only by those who minimize the remaining life, among diehard crazies and incurable rashes.
Then there is it, the true star of the show. The chandelier begins its solo and the victim audience cannot help but stare with eyes torn by terror, with one and only desire exploding inside.
Stop, please, stop immediately that torment. Let everything be as before.
Only then, as often happens, the prayer is heard but then elapsed.
Much more with that, indeed.
But the earth still trembles.
Under what survived and what has taken its place.
The story written above, as a hasty copy and paste, somewhat approximate.
So, where the dance begins again, all comes back.
To shake lives and silences.
To seize all physical and natural law, drawing back the already seen scourge on the as much torn canvas.
Then you remember only one thing: how it worked, or the way you have believed.
Please don’t do this anymore, you whisper. I swear that I will be a better person after, you add, with the desperate hope that increasing the weight of your virtuous possibilities will defeat the ruthless destiny on the other side of the scale.
Like identical chapters, even deceptive blanks follow one another.
When the rough past softens by dust and neglect.
When you deceive yourself that your house is not dancing anymore.
Well, my dear friend, that is the exact time when the cruel staging begins.
When the earth shakes, and you do not realize it.
When you have turned the head and the powerful, barren and dishonest hand, with vulgar tricks and lies disguised ‘as happy future for all’, decide your fate.
When the latter no longer depends on tremor of the earth itself, but the only, real chance you have of surviving.
Because if the earth trembled, trembles and will tremble again.
The only thing that matter is to stop forgetting…

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