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Stories of women: forced to use husband's name

Stories and News No. 916

I read that in Japan the Court has forced a teacher to use her married name at work on the basis of a rule from the nineteenth century.
The woman has sued her employer, the Nihon University, which has refused to allow her to use her maiden name in professional interactions with pupils and parents.
The newspapers did not report the name of the woman.
So I sent her my words.

No, I'm not you.

But I would like to know.
What it means to live with a mask inevitable ordered, pleasant at the very best.
Alleged missing rib of a Knight with a not so shining armor, hidden in it everywhere and most of the time.
War or peace.
There is always someone who fights a battle that comes from far away, where injuries are always and only for her.
Only when she wins, she lives.
And even when she does not lose, she can die anyway.
No, I do not speak for you.
But, to you.
I would like the same to understand.
What does it mean, every morning, afternoon and evening, to have face a mirror with bare hands, literally, before plunging into a sea that is longing to overwhelm you with a wave of looks never really driven by the desired wind.
A sincere curiosity.
Silent patience.
And all the time allowed.
To see, really, see.
No, I am not boasting myself saying to be ahead of the others.
I'm here for that too.
But I would like to find out the same.
What does it mean having to prove every single day of your life to the most fragile part of your heart what you have always known.
That there was nothing to show that it was not already under the worthy eyes.
Your and those who have had the good sense to wait.
No, I'm not giving anything for granted.
Quite the opposite.
But I would still improve myself.
The design of an adventurous and fascinating story with a protagonist that to be so, up there, must stop to really be.
Because the tale of traditions and faiths has its own rules.
Well, it is then that my eyes open wide, my dear friend.
When you stand up and make the liar design into shreds.
No, I said it and I repeat it.
I am not you.
But I would really like to know.
What is your name…

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