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Moral stories: The Small World Day

Stories and News No. 912

This year the Nobel Chemistry Prize went to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, University of Strasbourg, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University, and Bernard L. Feringa, University of Groningen for their work with molecular dimensions machines.
What a beautiful day this is.
In the small world…

It took a while, but now they know it too.

Well, the good news fly faster upward than the opposite.
Unluckily vice versa is also true.
Anyway, there is a nano-party down there, where the nano-humans live.
Not to be confused with the dwarves, that are constrained by a megalomaniacal script to play the role of missed tall.
In the nano-towns, however, there are no such metrics abuses.
They are all equal in the common nano-life, not to be confused with dwarfism, and so on.
I realize that such a wave of nano-joy in the existence of the nano-living is not a viral news.
It is out of the Mass media’s eyes.
In fact, it would take such a concentration of nano-love to be a viral news itself.
In other words, a nano-camera guided by nano-cameramen leaded by nano-reporters of nano-newsrooms serving nano-networks for the sake of nano-existences excluded from the macro monitor.
Otherwise, this nano-story would not be here.
On the other hand this is a day of nano-joy, I said, let us not lose in vain complaints.
I talked about a nano-party too, but nothing expensive, with a few nano-money, with a table prepared with nano-groceries and nano-beverages.
I admit, this is where the happiness of the moment could become inevitably consistent.
A nano-happiness, in other words, since we are talking about nano-families with nano-children, where the thirst of the latter insists on not to follow the monotonous script.
It is anything but small, in fact.
However, they nano-heroes arrive in time.
Nano-musicians and nano-clowns, with nano-talent, but simply pure.
Nano-dancers with a nano-energy worthy of an ant during the most irresistible dance, the coupling thwarted by the families, and nano-storytellers dress up as giants.
Finally, at least for a day, all seems to be bigger.
Thus, inside the nano-dream, they forget everything.
More than ever the much overrated centimeters.
The nano-time freezes magically.
And all together, locked in one gigantic hug, the nano-protagonists help the nano-reality to knock out the nano-imagination.
Because whereas the nano-creatures join together, they are and will always be the greatest thing throughout the nano-universe and what's left.

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