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Afghan girl photo story now and then

Stories and News No. 924

A Pakistani court today rejected the bail for Sharbat Gula, detained on charges of living in the country illegally.
Sharbat is better known as the "Afghan girl," the young green-eyed portrayed in a famous photograph by Steve McCurry dating back to 1984, published the following year on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

The story in a photo.

That is, the whole life.
Frozen adolescence and all the lost time.
Read as well as she would have lived happily ever after.
As the eye that looks and moves.
Which celebrates the exceptional contrast or pines for the absurdity of the moment.

Life in a photo.
In the sense of the whole story.
Just like those who read it in a second and then returns to support the death and indifference building that wants crush us.
Sooner or later it will do it to everyone of us and it would take very little to make it harmless.

The illusion in a photo.
That is, a life of deceptions for the eye as for the heart.
Like the idea that everything is still and inevitable.
That the poor will die, they would have been killed anyway.
And we cannot help it.
That the viewers cannot help but watch, cheering at the very best.

The story of a photo.
Because all pictures make the entire life.
All those you can imagine between the first and the last one.
All those who were there, somewhere.
Away from the important covers, of course, but as well taken and published in magazines that hardly become arguments in the best salons.
As in message boards.

The lives behind the little story.
Neglected fragments of the great one, that ignores lives in silence.
And then, after thirty years you open your eyes.
You remember and understand.
Than in the photos, stories and lives that you thought away.
Passed off souls, or even safe, in any case, confined forever in the property framework.
There was a lot more than what you had seen...

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