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Air Pollution Deaths story: killer identikit

Stories and News No. 933

According to a recent report from the European Environment Agency “air pollution remains the single largest environmental health hazard in Europe, resulting in a lower quality of life due to illnesses and an estimated 467 000 premature deaths per year.”
But, who is killing who?

The interrogation room is a classic.
Anyway, even the most abstruse visions must take advantage of fixed points, otherwise, thin as they are, could fly away like untied balloons.
White and bare walls, gray metal table, as cold chairs and the usual two-way mirror, although it is hard to find these days criminals who don’t know that beyond the reflected image someone is watching them. Someone is reading between the lines. There is someone there. Well, he will not be the highest, but for many it can make a real difference.

On the other hand, this time the accused is not a suspect, but a witness, a very ocular one.
"Please, sit down, Miss Nature", says the detective in charge of the case, Inspector Earth, aided by Air, inseparable deputy.
"Describe the killer," she adds sitting with his colleague across the table.
"What for?"
"Do what I ask. The person behind the mirror will recreate the criminal’s identikit. "
"No", says Nature. "You don’t understand: what for? What does this staging mean?"
"That’s what I said too," grumbles Air.
"Don’t make inappropriate comments," says detective Earth, "or I send you to blacklist rats for wrong parking."
The coworker lowers his head mortified.
"Miss Nature, I’m really surprised. You should be the maximum of the collaboration, the absolute harmony with everyone and everything, the queen of perfect joints, the mother of the living as inanimate, the Goddess..."
"Okay, okay, you don’t need to list all the platitudes’ Decalogue about me..."
"She always does that," stresses the deputy inspector. "Yesterday, speaking of Mr. Sky, she began with the vault beyond everybody, the mantle of light and shadows, ending up with the blanket woven of horizons..."
"Air", cries Earth. "At the next interruption of yours I send you to manage traffic of mosquitoes in Malaysia. Again…"
"Excuse me", he says immediately scared, remembering the bad experience.
"Miss Nature?"
"Inspector, you really want to do this play?"
"Go along."
"All right, then. The killer is the most conceited biped of the universe, a creature affected by a phenomenal, destructive vocation, distinguished over the centuries by a fortune that I would call extraordinary, because against all odds and logic is still here to damage..."
"Describe him, Nature, don’t get lost in useless metaphors and simplistic similes..."
"She says that..."
Earth only looks Air with darting daggers directly from pupils.
"I see, I have to shut up, otherwise you send me to take a census of the flies in a elephantine latrine."
"Go on, Nature, and focuses on the look."
"The look? Are you joking? Even the stones know who we are talking about..."
"I've already told you to assist me."
So, despite the skepticism, shared by Air too, Nature outlines with no surprise a human face.
"That's it," she says at the end of the representation. "As you see, if we want to be precise, we are dealing with a suicide, not homicide. What humanity is doing to herself is all a giant suicide…"
"And we cannot help it," blurts Air.
"You're both wrong, and I will demonstrate," Earth says. "Follow me."
The detective precedes the two at the entrance of the room beyond the mirror.
"Please, don’t disturb him." 

Earth opens the door quietly, showing to Nature and Air a child who is deeply drawing.
All three are crossed by a faint, negligible, but not ignorable breath of hope.
That somewhere someone is really there.
To listen and take note of everything.
Germinating an unusual and stubborn affection for the three at the doorway.
Disguised as a harmless little drawing.
Which might save us from ourselves...

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