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Aleppo Syria map photos: the story from above

Stories and News No. 936

While forces loyal to Assad regime launched the decisive ground assault, the rebel territory in eastern Aleppo is shrinking...

It’s shrinking, yes.
It also does now, stopping here, at the mere narration of things, standing under the judgments from above, that crush us like worthless ants.
Or, at least, this is what the story tells.
From above.
Yet, as the trips we best remember, those where everything goes wrong except the people we met, simply reversing the poles of the heart we could save something. Not all, because at the end of the day it’s not true that we need everything.
Yet it’s shrinking.

I know.
Trump wins and what do the hopes of peace and, above all, for a blessed world, humanitarian pause?
They follow the rule, they shrink, that’s normal.
We open newspapers, we read the news at the top, even those to the side and below, and trust in the future does the same.
It shrinks.
Nevertheless, let’s indulge an unexpected step for once, and as in the middle of the rock concert stolen to school, when we could only think of music and the screams of fellows, let’s try to fall on tomorrow instead of running away as ever from present.
Meanwhile, other tragic verdicts come from the dying arctic.
From the sun and the moon watching us incredulous.

From the air stifled by itself.
And our own eyes start to shrink.
To remember less.
To feel and understand something else.
To sleep, just that.
So we look at the calendar and every day that passes we observe time shrinking.
Not the one we have left.
Not what we will spend with loved ones.
And even what they themselves have got to be with us.
The days, hours and minutes that maybe could change things, are shrinking.
Because the horizon has become like those dots to find in puzzles games.
And wherever we could succeed, we don’t have the strength left to fill it with anything.
However, let’s be patient and let’s try to breathe in reverse.
Let’s revolt cards and finally discover the trick.
Because the day we will stop reading life only from above.
We will see someone who, despite what the Olympus of words might say, don’t want to stay down.
We'll see.
Instead of remaining still, looking closer.
We'll see.
The shrinking lies unlike us.
We’ll do it.
The soul that resists.
I promise we’ll see.
The true sizes of the story...

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