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Indian child actor Sunny Pawar movie of fear

Stories and News No. 927

Sunny Pawar, young Indian actor in the upcoming film Lion, with Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, has been denied a visa by the United States to attend the movie's premiere in New York.
We believe it is the effect of immigration paranoia, production company executives have declared

Come on, let's sit down, soon.

Yes, there is fine, hurry up, the movie is going to begin.
No advertising, this time, because the product was already bought.
Simple plot, indeed.
Trivial, I dare say, but very effective for this reason, necessarily minimizing and fairly superficial.
So that everyone can see just enough to believe that everything is there.
The story in brief: They were afraid, the opening words. They were afraid of what they did not understand, in detail.
A long time ago I would say yes, it would work, but every age needs the right tricks and special effects seriously capable to impress the eyes.
Well, let’s add: They were afraid of what is not explained. Then the wise old men came speaking with the sun and the moon, and they learned to fear even more.
The end? Years ago, of course, but you cannot expect to always tell it the same way.
So, again: They were afraid of what they did not know. Then the elderly shamans appeared with answers from the stars. They found themselves furthermore afraid, but never as much when they discovered that the shamans were mortal, just like them.
Ending theme? In the past, maybe yes, but the audience is changing and so do the magic words.
Therefore, behold: They experienced fear before the unknown. Then the seniors spokesmen of the absolute light arrived and they rushed to dread even more. But never as much as the time when the elders were stripped. Just like them, now terrorized, with a desperate need that fear was somehow tangible.
Fade and closing credits? In the last century, it could be, but then TV, computers, internet came and magic words have appeared in hundreds.
Here we are, in fact: They were dying of fear of unknown universe. One day the hoary decipherers of the mysterious horizon came, and their horror grew further. Although never as much as the day when the alleged saviors turned out false. Just like everyone, prisoners of panic and with the utmost need that their anxiety was not elusive, but something to reject and mistreat, discriminate and torture, sacrifice and, at best, kill.
Yes, except the fear…

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