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Diversity stories: story of a kiss

Stories and News No. 925

The Moroccan authorities have arrested two teenage girls, the sixteen year old Sanaa and Hajar, a year older, caught kissing on the roof of a house.
This is forbidden by the article 489 of the Penal Code, or "licentious or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex", punishable according to the Moroccan Association of Human Rights with imprisonment from six months to three years

Prudence, we need prudence, murmurs Hajar.

It will change, sooner or later it will and time will make its part.
It’s happened before.
What yesterday was unclean, it is now obvious. It mingles in the whole picture, such as usual colors and minor shapes.
Just like what it should now be obvious and rather it sounds as unclean.
You're right, says Sanaa albeit reluctantly.
We must not be hasty.
Let us be satisfied with the minimum.
Because minimum is just a word, before the embrace of looks, the plot of smiles, only apparently identical, a just mentioned touching, perfectly drawn in the shelter of a healthy imagination, but licentious and unnatural.
Good, approves Hajar, after looking around, searching for cruel eyes and battered souls, truly licentious and unnatural.
I'm glad we agree.
This is our strength.
The banned road that separates love from law, made the bridge that binds your heart to mine.
We’ll wait, we’ll do it together.
Now and forever, exclaims Sanaa instantly, regretting a second after she had raised her voice.
Every missed loving gesture.
All impossible affections.
The alleged abnormalities that are experiencing purity and perfection only in the folds of the unsaid.
Everything will be ours.
Wherever we are.
And one day we will.
You'll see, promises Hajar.
You'll see that calm will come.
The earth cannot shake forever.
Just as the waves eventually found land.
The coveted island, the house where you just arrive, never born.
Your home, whispers Sanaa.
Ours, corrects Hajar.
Prudence, both say, things are going to change. It has already happened, and so it will be again, because this is the story of all of us, wonderful combinations of words and dreams, mistaken for unacceptable typos, because it appeared too early on the page.
But then everything becomes right and beautiful.
That every speech shatters.
Each rule goes down the drain.
And life, the only one we have now, it takes over futile.
Because it is worth risking every second we have left.
For a kiss.
Just a kiss...

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