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Snow in Tokyo 2016 November in 54 years: Haruki's discover

Stories and News No. 934

Tokyo woke up with the first snowfall in November after more than 50 years.
However, as it often happens, what is a simple recurrence for some for others it is a truly remarkable event…

“It’s snowing,” says the child.
We might call him Haruki.
Because it has a nice sound.

Or, perhaps, because sometimes it happens that imagination dares so much to touch the real.
In other words, that his name is really so.
Then, Haruki looks through the window and thinks: "This is the snow, then."
The snow of fairy tales and photos, movies, and people who desperately need an audience.
The snow in November, to be precise.
As if the miracle was in the month, rather than the wonder itself.
As if time counted more than us.
And as if this instant’s weight enjoyed a greater value than a short meeting.
Between you and me.
However, Haruki is not lost among such semantic tangles.
The amazements in this world are blessed gifts, as the free and open to all shows.
Read as well as the snow in November after fifty years.
To prove that everything can still go back, all can still change the design outside of the window.
And suddenly the whole thing freezes, wearing white.
Where the absence of color, or the presence of all, it is cold and equal.
For everyone.
Haruki doesn’t stop at that and like any star of a miracle, even if underestimated by the most, he wants more.
He wants to know where
the magic comes from.
Where does it go when it touches the ground.
And especially he wants himself to touch it with his hand and tighten the dream between his fingers.
To remember, never forget, forever.
That in the end the others will win.
That they will tell him to give up easy illusions and exciting stories.
Because, they will explain for good, they are the same thing.
But if you will have open eyes and great patience.
One day, you may be lucky enough to be there.
In the galaxy called November, on the planet named Tokyo, riding a dragon shaped as train, admiring yet another grimace to concreteness sellers.
“Hooray,” thinks Haruki, “the snow exists.”
And now I know that, sooner or later, it will come back...

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