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Stories of immigrants: Gambia goalkeeper last match

Stories and News No. 926

Fatim Jawara, the young goalkeeper of the women's national football team of the Gambia, who dies in the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy, had told her family she wanted to "follow her destiny" and play for a big European club "whatever the risks".

The stadium is full, tonight.

It always happens, in the valuable games.
But today it is a wonderful exception.
Because we usually count less than less.
However, we are many, now.
Because these particular viewers are made of the same volatile substance of the players.
Negligible for most and all that is, for those who have never had otherwise.
So, enough with the waves, of living bodies rather than insensible oceans.
Listen and watch, the team that goes into the sea.
Number one, her.
The lady goalkeeper.
Fatim with ambitious and generous hands at the same time.
Protecting the only door that connects us, here.
The one of the left behind house.
The girl with the blind determination and the fatal wish.
Go ahead, friends defenders.
Rest without fear, inhabitants of the midfield.
And you, mighty goal seekers, stay well out of the game.
Because every opportunity will be grasped by her.
Since the net is large and the plots so narrow that you do well in respecting the adversary.
Yes, it's true.
The indomitable athlete, with the only misfortune to have got the wrong field, will miss nothing.
Because tonight Fatim will parry for all of us.
No life will cross the line in vain.
All hope, even of just one more day away from war and misery, will be preserved.
All dreams ever dreamed because of that damned hole in the selfish heart of the world, everything, really everything, will be grabbed from her hands.
The sea goalkeeper.
Tonight we are going to win, I feel it.
Tonight, just tonight.
We are stronger than everything…

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