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Trump not my president and other shouts

Stories and News No. 928

Thousands demonstrated in the United States against the election of Republican Donald Trump in at least 18 cities on Wednesday night.
The largest protests took place in New York and Los Angeles, shouting "Trump not my President".

Trump is not my president.

So far, it should be granted, given that I am not American, but it is not so simple, in fact.
Because it is hard to say that about ours.
And if we cannot say of them, let alone those of others.
Above all this one.
However, if we stopped here, if everything were reduced to a simple cry, it would be important, would be the beginning, would be something fundamental, but not all.
Probably not so much.
Certainly not as much as it would be enough to exclaim the opposite message.
Meanwhile, we shout.
We yell and recite in a loud voice urgent needs of the heart and soul, only apparently different.
As the male is not our gender, where it is represented by people like Trump, which are much closer than we think, many more than what we hope, that just are, simply exist, and that itself should lead us to dissociate ourselves soon.
So, while we're at, let's say that this is not our continent, for the insane cruelty we treat migrants, when they come here, after all the insane cruelties that made in the past and still makes when we go there.
So, since there is still space on the page, also add that this is not our time, given that we use to send into the future parts after parts of ourselves, every time we are disgusted before stupidity worthy of stone age.
Of course, we cannot miss this generation is not ours, counting on the fingers the now irreversible judgments on the planet we live, as how many years of water we have left and how many oxygen we wasted, how many animals still bear us and how many plants hate us with every drop of chlorophyll from the vegetable paradise.
Up to synthesize the colorful chorus of squeals in one, suffered cry this species, human only by name, it is not ours, if only we look at the atrocities which we condemn millions of innocent creatures that we put in the world.
Sure, it would be nice.
It would be nice to fix everything so, with a mighty outburst of voice and indignation, and then go home, victorious on the bad villain, erased from history by our protest song.
However, as it has been and always will be, the truth is more often drawn with a left-handed pencil over our dreams.
Then know that Trump, or everyone else, depending on where you live, is our president, and probably will be for a long time. Whether we like it or not, the male is our gender, with all the aberrations which this type is lived around us with. Europe - Americas, Asia or wherever you come from, is our continent. Maybe the problem is that it is not enough. This time is more than ever ours, because we will not have another. This is our generation, because as far as we are ashamed of, whatever infamy has made, it has exactly happened before our eyes. And about the human species, it is ours because, unlike any others on earth, when things in the world seem horrendous we can take to the streets, stat to shout and, above all, do not stop there...

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