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Women's roles in fairy tales

Stories and News No. 935

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women is an anniversary created by the General Assembly of the United Nations, through Resolution 54/134 of 17 December 1999.
The Assembly chose 25 November as a day of celebration and urged international organizations and governments to promote on that date events and activities aimed at involving the citizens.
The Day for the Elimination.
Of something that even now.
It’s here among us...

The teacher of literature said that.
She’s not miss Nobody, right?
She said that violence against women starts from very young.
It’s taught us while we’re children.

She also said, just the day before, that we might learn more from a simple fairy tale that a perfect lesson by the most intelligent master on earth.
I've learned much from fairy tales, it must be so.
Because I have read a bit and love it all.
Well, you know what?
I wanted so badly to do something, being of the game, in fact.
Since there's one thing I never accepted.
I’m talking about what the stories tell about us.
Take Little Red Riding Hood.
What sane mother decides to send a child alone in the woods, to cross it, quiet path or not, knowing that there is around a hungry wolf?
She says that is for the ailing grandmother, she needs medicines and biscuits.
I go back to the elder, but why don’t you go, Mommy?
Or why not daddy, while we're at?
By the way: where is he?
If grandma is not his mother, but the one-in-law, I could understand the reluctance to do the task, but putting at risk the life of his daughter for a bad relationship with in-laws it seems intolerable to me.
I would have been there, in short, maybe in the role of a cousin, an aunt, or even a neighbor. You would see what reprimand to both parents.
Anyway, let’s go to the granny.
Okay, time passes and the head does not fit like it used to, but I also the blind deer on wheelchair know nowadays that we should not open the door without first looked through the peephole.
Among starving grizzly masked as harmless Winnie the Pooh with a fake jar of honey, the wolf would be only one of the possible dangers lurking.
I would organize a refresher course for the old ladies entitled "Threats of the forest: what immigrants? Be careful of the kleptomaniac squirrels, rather. "
Do we want to talk about Snow White?
And let's do it.
Well, I talk to you, Grimhilde: do we want to stop fighting among us?
You're not the most beautiful in the realm? And who told you that? The mirror.
Mirror, do you understand? Just read the dictionary, my friend. This is a masculine noun... and I said it all. They want us one against the other.
But even if it were so: is Snow White more beautiful than you? All right, she's young, but you really think it be forever? The day when they call her Snow Pale or Wrinkle White will come, listen to me.
Anyway, if we remain on the sidelines, it happens that the credit for everything will go to them and not even with a minimum of fairness, given that the real heroes where the seven dwarves. Then the dude in the blue jumpsuit came and got all with a fast kiss.
There is no justice if you wait for the gift, sister.
I conclude, in fact, with Cinderella, the one that always made me crazy.
A house, an entire house inhabited by us.
And what they do?
Three of them put to torture the fourth.
But you what have you in mind?
Before the situation deteriorates, I see myself going to them as a family counselor, social worker or just manager, all in one, addressing the deluded three: "Girls?" I would scream knocking on the head of the stepmother, doing the same with the stepsisters. "Do you understand what is the fairy tale’s name? CINDERELLA! Not Genevieve or Anastasia. Who do you think will Fairy come to help? "
Another woman, needless to say.
Have you seen yourselves in the mirror? I would also tell them.
You can also the one from Snow White, because I believe the queen gave away it.
Little foot or not, it is already written that Prince will prefer Cinderella, even in rags.
Why not working as a team?
Why do we not stop making war?
Because violence in life, as in stories, is there, everywhere.
It’s written, told and widespread every day.
Even now, at this very moment.
So, let’s be close to one another and let’s write together with the real weak side of the moon.
A different tale...

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