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Winter Break

Stories and News takes a short break. Before leaving you with the top ten articles by visits , I wanted to share a hope. That my words have left you something inside that was worth the trip, founding the same. And wherever we meet each other again, here or elsewhere, let it be always for a reason worthy of what we are. In short, human. Happy Holidays. A. 1. Floods in Sri Lanka 2016: where the magic is 2. Zoo to close after 140 years: the weight of time for Sandra 3. Death penalty explained to kids 4. Paralympics stories of courage: the parallel silent victories 5. International Peace Day 2016 Video by Storytellers for Peace 6. Climate change kills Men of the Lake 7. Ninth planet in our solar system is ours 8. Mangar Makur Chuot story and its fragments 9. Hiroshima and Nagasaki story: the elephant and the loneliness of the survivors 10. Berta Cáceres is alive Read more true stories Buy my latest book Elisa and the wonderful world of objects Listen

Evacuation Aleppo as soon as possible

Subtitle : The difficult life of those who tell stories and news Stories and News No. 942 A long-waited operation to evacuate people from the besieged districts east of Aleppo has begun. The evacuation was initially delayed after there were reports that the fighters of the Syrian government had opened fire on a convoy that was preparing to leave the areas controlled by the rebels. Russian President, Putin, and his Turkish counterpart, Erdogan issued a joint statement yesterday night urging an end to the violations of the ceasefire and "reaffirmed their commitment to start the evacuation of civilians and the opposition through safe corridors as soon as possible." Yes, ' as soon as possible ', like the swift action which we spoke of. Meanwhile the words flow superimposed on the negligible miseries and change, with the names of the actors on the bill, are changing and they will do again… In a dystopian present, where being reflected in an extremely accelerated

Human Rights stories: swift action

Stories and News No. 941 "Only a swift action can avert the genocide in Southern Sudan," said Ben Quinn, United Nations human rights chief. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the civil war in the youngest country in the world, while it is not too late to avoid the carnage, we need immediate action, including targeted sanctions and the deployment of a line of force to separate the warring parties. Swift action? Take thinking , fast by definition, and on the white page suspended in your head draw one of the many walls that nowadays are grotesquely back. If there are already, if you find the time or lost your mind making them for your pleasure, considering them worthy thing, maybe I knocked on the wrong door. Or maybe not. Perhaps there is still a chance for you, for us, at best, for them . Clear… indeed, just move . You see? As for a dream, the problem is not the wall itself, but rather the place where you wanted to make it happen, the reasons that convinc

Geert Wilders inciting discrimination story in Ice Age

Stories and News No. 940 The far-right Dutch leader Geert Wilders has been found guilty of inciting discrimination against nationals Moroccan people in his country in a verdict that plans to intensify the debate on migration in the Netherlands. Wilders is not the first and will not even be the last one to 'leverage' the migrants for purely elective purposes and achievement of power. To be clear, he and his friends are using refugees’ image that every day is falsely built by politicians themselves, with the collaboration of servants, cowards or just clicks catchers journalists. However, the story comes from afar... Plop. A drop in the ground. The living world is now a small thing. Just an ice island, surrounded by frozen, greedy and unscrupulous waves. The Stegosaurus still screams with deafening verses, but it seems to hurt more his vocal cords than the others. In the middle of the goner, white fragment, a Tyrannosaurus rotates wearily the neck and watches him j

World Human Rights Day 2016 video Storytellers for Peace

Here we are to a new clip from Storytellers for Peace . Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10 December. Nine storytellers from all over the world tell their stories of human rights ( with English subtitles ):   In order of appearance: Beatriz Montero (Spain) Jozé Sabugo (Portugal)   Cecilia Moreschi (Italy)   Hamid Barole Abdu (Eritrea)   Enrique Páez (Spain) Sandra Burmeister G. (Chile) D.M.S. Ariyrathne (Sri Lanka)   Suzanne Sandow (Australia) Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher (Italy) “ Storytellers for Peace ” is an international network of narrators who create collective stories through videos. Artists and stories are from all over the world and speak about peace, justice, equality and human rights. All participants tell one or more verses of the story in their first language. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, storyteller, stage actor and director. Official website : http://www.sto

Moral stories: person of the year and us

Stories and News No. 939 For the 90th round, Time magazine has chosen the Person of the Year , portraying him in the famous cover, which had major influence, for better or for worse, on 2016’s events. It’s the turn of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump . However, now, at this very moment, is it really Trump’s time? It’s Trump’s Time, of course it is. Nevertheless, time - with a small letter, is not only a magazine to read, wrapping each disillusioned hope the next day. Time is not today picture on the cover, nor yesterday and the day before viral images. What images, you ask? That’s exactly what I mean. The definition of time is no small matter, and I don’t want to face the universal question, right now. For sure, it's not Donald Trump’s, as it was not Obama’s for eight years. It was not even Hitler’s and Gandhi’s. Similarly it is not mine, writing here, nor yours reading, as much as I am grateful to you for having got time for me. A missing word

UN caused Haiti cholera and other misunderstandings

Stories and News No. 938 With the following unequivocal words, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon , has admitted that the United Nations employees brought cholera to Haiti, killing up to 30 thousand people: “The preponderance of the evidence does lead to the conclusion that personnel associated with the [UN’s peacekeeping] facility were the most likely source.” It’s the story of the misunderstandings . That sooner or later will be revealed, hopefully. Hopefully sooner, seen from the directly interested. So it happens to read that cholera in the poor and filthy Haiti was caused by them. The peacekeepers . And, you may add now, the diseases donors . Misunderstanding immediately transcribed, yes, together with the others, though neglected and most of the time - maybe when you turn your head to answer yet another order from His Majesty the Cell , even suppressed. Yet, somewhere, there must be written that migrants were the ones who brought United States to America and t

Migration and Climate Change: a short story

Stories and News No. 937 According to senior military figures, Climate Change will make the Crisis of Refugees unimaginable. Recalling that the new president of the most powerful and polluting country in the world, together with China, has founded his campaign downplaying the Global Warming and fueling phobia against migrants , I am inspired by a short story... There was once a divided world. A world divided in two. In one, the less crowded, there was a guy. One as many, maybe with the name that is a card game too. He was not the very first - and you shall see, will not be the last, to argue that climate change is just a big lie to scare the good citizens with a concrete heart. Deleted seasons from the vocabulary of every spoken language and above all dreams, murderous waves daughters of oceans so presumptuous as claiming to replace the mainland and mainland with the illusion of living without water, poles in the mood for jokes masquerading as tropical islands and tro