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Evacuation Aleppo as soon as possible

Subtitle: The difficult life of those who tell stories and news

Stories and News No. 942

A long-waited operation to evacuate people from the besieged districts east of Aleppo has begun. The evacuation was initially delayed after there were reports that the fighters of the Syrian government had opened fire on a convoy that was preparing to leave the areas controlled by the rebels.
Russian President, Putin, and his Turkish counterpart, Erdogan issued a joint statement yesterday night urging an end to the violations of the ceasefire and "reaffirmed their commitment to start the evacuation of civilians and the opposition through safe corridors as soon as possible."
Yes, 'as soon as possible', like the swift action which we spoke of.
Meanwhile the words flow superimposed on the negligible miseries and change, with the names of the actors on the bill, are changing and they will do again…

In a dystopian present, where being reflected in an extremely accelerated time...

"What I write, boss?" Asked the young man on the

"Well", says the editor in chief, "let me think… ok, let's go: the Civil War began and the rebel forces were organized in the capital to oppose the dictator... oops, stop for a minute, there is a statement of… I have breaking news… WTF! I have the results of the elections... he won ... no! Him? No... come on..."
"What do I write?"
"What do you write? Clear all! "
"Oh... okay..."
"Write, indeed, rewrite: the terrorists are holed up in the capital and the government democratically designated is preparing to bomb the insurgents wait..."
"What do you mean by insurgents wait?"
"No, not insurgents, just wait... just now I’ve got a fax from the Chinese stock market... now I read... what the hell!"
"What happens?!"
"Nothing, stay calm. You're new, right? "
"In fact..."
"Take it easy, you get used to."
"So, what I write? We were talking about terrorists..."
"Terrorists? No, erase everything immediately. Rewrite, indeed, correct: the separatists, with the support of NATO, are courageously resisting to the governmental military forces in the hands of the ruthless President shit! "
"President shit? Boss, sorry, but I don’t think that is the name…"
"Are you dumb? Tell me you are dumb and I order right now a fast transfer in the field."
"No, please... the reporter in the real world, no..."
"Well, try not to get confused. I said shit as interjection, vulgar expression of worry, failure or shock. The last one in this case."
"And why you did it, boss?"
"Because I just received an email by the press office of the European Union. It said that there was a general Brexit..."
"Let's see if I understood: so now I write that the agitators in the capital..."
"Great... but I just read a tweet by the head of the World Bank..."
"So, I delete all, and I write that the ruthless president, enemy of peace and guilty of crimes against humanity..."
"And if I tell you that the Saudi princes have doubled the oil’s price?"
"I write that the legitimate leader of the nation have the right to fire..."
"Well done, that's okay. I see that now you understand how it works. Look, I want to trust. I'll leave you phone, PC and everything else, you've got it clear, you can do it alone."
"Thanks, boss, I won’t let you down."

Here it is, it's all here, the alleged difficult life of those who tell stories and news. Lies flow superimposed on the invisible survivors and change, with the names of the victims on the credits, they will change again.
You are about to see...

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