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Geert Wilders inciting discrimination story in Ice Age

Stories and News No. 940

The far-right Dutch leader Geert Wilders has been found guilty of inciting discrimination against nationals Moroccan people in his country in a verdict that plans to intensify the debate on migration in the Netherlands.
Wilders is not the first and will not even be the last one to 'leverage' the migrants for purely elective purposes and achievement of power. To be clear, he and his friends are using refugees’ image that every day is falsely built by politicians themselves, with the collaboration of servants, cowards or just clicks catchers journalists.
However, the story comes from afar...

A drop in the ground.

The living world is now a small thing. Just an ice island, surrounded by frozen, greedy and unscrupulous waves.
The Stegosaurus still screams with deafening

verses, but it seems to hurt more his vocal cords than the others.
In the middle of the goner, white fragment, a Tyrannosaurus rotates wearily the neck and watches him just a second. Because he deserves nothing more.
He wants to give the latest looks to his wife, as well as the puppy that will remain so forever.
Nevertheless, the only shattering in the silence at the end of the story of the real, true giants on our planet, continue to occur.

Another cold tear down.

The targets of wrathful arrows are them, the newcomers, a Brontosaurus couple.
The female is pregnant and the male, admiring the wonderful, concealed gift, that perhaps will never see the light, mourns.
There is no more time to waste in anger.
Even if it can have any conceivable reason.
Despite this, even if he does not have any, the Stegosaurus insists to crumble the remaining pages of his earthly parentheses in pieces, to burn them in the most useless fire that we've ever seen: hatred toward your fellow travelers.
"It's their fault, if we’ll die soon," he seems to say. "They are big and slow, they eat a lot, too, and take up space that we could use for us. We arrived first, here! "
As if it were the only coherent answer, at that time the tallest iceberg that stands threateningly on the horizon, loses one shoulder and the resulting wave bites part of what remains of the world.
Two Triceratops, orphaned brothers, cross their horns and close their eyes.
They do not want to see anything.
They don’t want to hear any more.
Just remember the friendship and affection that put them in the world.
And kept them alive till the end.

A drop.
Another one again and he will be free.

The further, fatal collapse scares the Stegosaurus, who performs an impermissible leap, given his weight. That’s the power or the dangerous weakness of fear.
Then he falls down and tilts the pale and flat ship just enough to slide into the water.
To freeze obtuse fear and unbearable loneliness.
In short, what remained of his life.

Millions of years later, with a joyful breath, the last drop lefts the frozen Stegosaurus, which, under the sun witness, is instantly pulverized.
To be blown away and deleted by the wind.
Like all of the most useless and evil.

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