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Migration and Climate Change: a short story

Stories and News No. 937

According to senior military figures, Climate Change will make the Crisis of Refugees unimaginable.
Recalling that the new president of the most powerful and polluting country in the world, together with China, has founded his campaign downplaying the Global Warming and fueling phobia against migrants, I am inspired by a short story...

There was once a divided world.

A world divided in two.
In one, the less crowded, there was a guy.
One as many, maybe with the name that is a card game too.
He was not the very first - and you shall see, will not be the last, to argue that climate change is just a big lie to scare the good citizens with a concrete heart.
Deleted seasons from the vocabulary of every spoken language and above all dreams, murderous waves daughters of oceans so presumptuous as claiming to replace the mainland and mainland with the illusion of living without water, poles in the mood for jokes masquerading as tropical islands and tropical islands so lost to ask: "Where the f. is tropic?"
Nevertheless, that one, like too many, insisted on minimizing the confused spectacle.
"All right," he exclaimed spreading peace and autographed photos. "It's all right, there is nothing to worry about."
At the same time, on the other slice of apple, the same phrase could trigger an immediate lynching.
Inevitably, if you think about with light and possibly opened eyes.
Where nature overcomes cement, compared with the other hand, who do you think will pay more its sudden five minutes of madness?
So, the only alternative for the inhabitants of the below realm was: we go or we die.
Consequently, people with obstinate heartbeats, hoping breaths and all that you can call life sailed.
Because, as once said the fly called Clarice, who managed to escape the infamous Hannibal The Spider, leaving the wings glued to the web to end up between the jaws of a carnivorous plant: no time to think about the luggage and the goal when you have a monster ready to devour you behind.
Then, in response, that "one above many" saw in the tragic exodus what they wanted to see, not to think, fear, not to understand, reject, not change.
An enemy.
Yes, you have perfectly understood the absurd paradox.
With a clumsy sleight of hand, the one with a card hobby as name - but he is not the very first and not the last, trust on that, took all the reasonable dismay for sociopaths seas, depressed air and schizophrenic plants to make it the most successful fuel among those man-made.
The fear of others.
Do not be scared by the snow in August and winters in bikini, countries that become mud and mud that converts in floor, home and future, animals that melt in photos on your PC and photos on PCs that you hardly recognize, because there is no time to remind things.
There is an enemy to be feared.
At best, to fight.
And once we have defeated him.
Everything, really everything, there is no doubt about…
Will be over.

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