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Human Rights stories: swift action

Stories and News No. 941

"Only a swift action can avert the genocide in Southern Sudan," said Ben Quinn, United Nations human rights chief.
On the occasion of the third anniversary of the civil war in the youngest country in the world, while it is not too late to avoid the carnage, we need immediate action, including targeted sanctions and the deployment of a line of force to separate the warring parties.

Swift action?
Take thinking, fast by definition, and on the white page suspended in your head draw one of the many walls that nowadays are grotesquely back.

If there are already, if you find the time or lost your mind making them for your pleasure, considering them worthy thing, maybe I knocked on the wrong door.
Or maybe not.
Perhaps there is still a chance for you, for us, at best, for them.
Clear… indeed, just move. You see? As for a dream, the problem is not the wall itself, but rather the place where you wanted to make it happen, the reasons that convinced you to believe it possible and the emotions that are causing you to make it grow.
As lightning remedy, even before the required lines of force, in the form of a peace wall, a plastic one, demountable an instant later, as the famous ones which you play with and now you watch as well in movies.
A swift, reliable action.
As the trivial leap by your
laterally hurt heart to your personal, small “horrors of the world’s room”, the tiny one for size and memory, as much wide and deep of forgetfulness.
And here's where the urgency of the last purchase before the Christmas eve, the end of the final meeting before the budget closing, even the expected goals before the referee's whistle, all becomes eagerness to save them. That's it, just a word, a generic plural which should be enough, but it never does, since touching pictures and phrases don’t work anymore, so heartfelt speeches by engaged star for more or less temporary time.
In short, lives.
Swift actions, such as eyelashes beats erasing bulky pieces of the past.
How many times history is littered of them, don’t you think?
You know better than me that today and the days before are sprinkled of nice moments and no light tragedies, and each time the gesture of a second was capable of writing the nightmare, or the opposite.
Here we are, all with a pen in hand – better say a keyboard, everybody accountable authors and no one is really interested to read the other's page, let alone the one that affects us all at the exact time when the mutual indifference continues.
Yet we are so fast for the futility of life and the fingers speed on the keys to exchange anesthetic, dart nonsense, with feverish voracity biting words are devouring whole souls fragment by fragment, and we run, overcoming every day a new record of inhumanity.
A swift action? We humans are the best ones among the living at this.
This is why we are the best candidates to start wars.
It's time to experience ourselves in the exact opposite…

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