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UN caused Haiti cholera and other misunderstandings

Stories and News No. 938

With the following unequivocal words, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has admitted that the United Nations employees brought cholera to Haiti, killing up to 30 thousand people: “The preponderance of the evidence does lead to the conclusion that personnel associated with the [UN’s peacekeeping] facility were the most likely source.”

It’s the story of the misunderstandings.
That sooner or later will be revealed, hopefully.
Hopefully sooner, seen from the directly interested.
So it happens to read that cholera in the poor and filthy Haiti was caused by them.
The peacekeepers.

And, you may add now, the diseases donors.
Misunderstanding immediately transcribed, yes, together with the others, though neglected and most of the time - maybe when you turn your head to answer yet another order from His Majesty the Cell, even suppressed.
Yet, somewhere, there must be written that migrants were the ones who brought United States to America and that often America was the one incredibly committed in bringing herself everywhere.
You might also read there that the very first colonizers showed beads and mirrors on the open hands, yet it was only death the goods inside the suitcase.
And even today, despite the false gifts are improved by sheen and noise, don’t believe that the luggage might be different.
There is also written that refugees are like sea waves.
They are only able to bring something.
Every moment they seem to leave and come back, forgetting every time something behind, like a shell with never seen colors and shapes, souvenir of a different day.
Yes, different.
So, speaking about so-called diverse people, they bring just what makes them so.
No destruction of the heart, let alone backsliding soul.
Only diversity.
It's up to you to decide what to do with it, just as you did with yours.
There is also written, simply, that the war missions don’t bring peace and that peace missions don't bring anything.
At worst, they erase and steal, creating emptiness, that goes crazy and just returns itself, a nothing confused in anything that is the only sense.
Of wars for peace.
It’s the misunderstanding story, just like that.
It’s our story.
That we should do nothing more.
Than being born and staying.

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