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Euthanasia stories: let me die

Stories and News No. 946

Fabiano Antoniani, aka DJ Fabo, after a serious car accident remained blind and quadriplegic.
39 years old, despite many cures, he decided to end his trip here.

"Mr. President of the Republic, my name is Fabo and I would be free to die." With these words – here the video - along with the girlfriend he asked the President of Italy Republic to urge the politicians to make a decision regarding the end of life’s law.
Those who know me best may tell you that I have a relationship with death based on absolute panic, but here we’re not speaking of myself, us, all of you and especially you who read.
Now we are in the inviolable reign of one and only one...

Let me die.
These are three words.
Indeed, they are many things.
It’s the beginning of a story, this one, and might be the conclusion of an existence with a sad outcome, that’s likely, but a dignified one, loved by those who still love and never stop, more than ever accepted by the only people with the right of way.
On the contrary, it’s similar to other eventualities, deprived of dignity, odious and unacceptable.
It’s like writing a novel, yours, good or bad it is, the only one you had to tell and someone else got the privilege to decide the last line.
It’s also as finally getting the birth day of new life, between you and your lover, and someone else besides you penned the name.
It’s like, after infinite imprisonment in an embarrassed and fearful of any coherent movement body, you could find courage to start dancing and someone else pretended not only to choose the music but even soaring steps.
It’s also as you became unexpectedly bold to declare your feelings and someone else got your voice and in your place said “I love you”.
It’s like, after a furious argument with the eternal friend, you had the lucky chance to shake that hand again, and someone else told you what to say.
It’s also as if the last happy period before an existence mowed from a too severe fate could be stolen, rewritten and decorated by someone else who is not you.
It’s like, after your past and present had been taken from a suffering memory, someone who is not destiny dared to claim the rest.
Read as well as the most priceless, ever written chapters.
In short, your future.
Let me die.
These are three words and so many other things, as you know.
Similar to others not as different as you think.
How let me live
My end.

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