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Immigrants stories in Italy: death in Venice

Stories and News No. 948

Pateh Sabally, 22-years old man from Gambia, committed suicide by drowning in the Grand Canal in Venice.
I read that, according Italian law, no one was forced to save him.
Four life rings is the price you pay.
For the show...

Watch this movie, even if you've already seen, I know.
We all have did it, and here we are again.

Maybe we didn’t understand before.
Maybe it would go better with the language subtitles.
That hit where the heart doesn’t hurt, because now no longer beats.
That's right, this is a story that survives death itself.
Because, inside a sort of circle of hell built in a TV network, there is someone who desperately needs to tell it.
And someone else with a perverse habit to listen with locked ears and memory.
Watch the scene, despite being old, but always trendy.
There is the sea, as always.
There's the ship, the travelers and him.
The one who dies at the end and the beginning, during too.
And even earlier, in the filming.
Perhaps he was never alive.
Yes, it must be so.
Otherwise, how can you sleep at night?
More than anything, they are there, the spectators, those watching and commenting, sharing and mocking, manipulating and selling, buying and buying back, chewing and spewing all, to start again the next day.
But sorry, we have to highlight.
Fade, light and the scapegoat of this bloody farce is once again there.
In the middle of the frame, in the water, when the clothes get too heavy.
Never comparable to the never filled gaps, as hope in tomorrow and trust in others.
You know, when lacking overpowers with arrogance the rest, sometimes you let go.
If only there was someone, at that very moment, where the perfection of a gesture as a dip in the others’ life, driven by antiquated stuff like courage or simple affection for other people's breath, it would ruin the usual narration, that's for sure.
But at that point, we could finally get out of such horrible movie room, projecting too actual nightmares to really feel them as ours.
Watch this story, think about it later, if you like.
Remember the characters, all, no one might presume to be something else, think back to the man who kills the future under the eyes of the lucky tourists on the journey called life, and those who care for the drama during the comfortable deferred vision.
Believe me, you can change your part, if you want it.
I am with you, right now.
If you like we can still tear up masks and costumes.
Making this bogus stage in pieces.
And maybe do something else, tomorrow…

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