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International Holocaust Remembrance Day for kids

Stories and News No. 950

Why Remembrance Day, you say?
I'll tell you, my dear, you'll see that it will be easy, much simpler than it seems.
First of all, you know what memory is?
Yes, I know you do, even better than me, I guess, but I’d like to explain it the same.
It cannot hurt me, I think.
So, the memory is like a box, a large and elastic

one, which can grow anytime.
How much?
Well, it depends on you, indeed, on us.
It depends also on how many things we put in.
Which things?
Those we all consider important, which made us feel strong emotions or think strong thoughts, for example.
What are the strong thoughts? They are those that once come into your head, they are so bulky and loud. Then you find so hard to get rid of, but because you care and you don’t want to forget entirely them...
...we put them in the box, very good, kids
Now let’s go back to the point.
What is the day we are talking about?
You know, time passes, so months and years, you look at the calendar, you see the date and say: "This day sounds not new to me..."
So you open the memory box, and you remember everything as if it were today.
In a few words, it’s the day when, thanks to memory, we pay tribute to strong emotions and thoughts of the past.
What do you say, kids? What happens to the strong emotions and thoughts of today?
Silly question, sorry... we put them in the box, and then, in the future, there will be a remembrance day for them too, gosh.
Why those faces, now? What doesn’t convince you?
In fact…
Well, your reasoning is right.
If we paid proper attention to the strong emotions and thoughts which the lives of billions of people depend on today, maybe, tomorrow, there will be no need of other Remembrance days

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