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Stories about life in Italy Avalanche survivors

Stories and News No. 947

Eight people, including two children, were rescued from the hotel buried by an avalanche last Wednesday.
"Finding these people gives us further hope into other survivors," said an employee of the Civil Protection.

We look at them with affection and understanding.
We are sorry for them but at the same time we

rejoice in their breath, the embrace with the saviors, the return home, to us.
We're somewhere and we look and read about them.
Thinking of those who didn’t make it and we count.
We do with those left behind, the weight of the pain, the vacuum filled by the avalanche, yes.
But on the other side of fate there are them.
The survivors.
Those who know, those who really have seen all, those who were there, no simple words for that.
Those that we should listen first and then.
The lucky ones after all.
Do we want to talk about luck, then?
So, certainly with much less right to speak, the list of those born with a comfortable shirt, already stretched and well starched, it’s much more wide.
For example, those who might be there, that bloody day, in the wrong hour.
And those that could be erased from the living film in a completely different place, if only the script had made alternative sacrifices.
Other avalanches, without controversy, without exploitation.
Because the meaning of the speech we all know what it is.
For every natural disaster, there is always someone who could be accountable.
Later, during, at best before.
Well, the vice versa is also reasonable.
For one of us, or anyone, there is ahead a punishment by the unpredictable world’s forces, ready to strike.
Maybe it's already happened, maybe someone saved us without our knowledge, perhaps it’s happening even now.
Conceivably disappearing under an avalanche to allow us to be the prosperous spectator on the safe side of the mountain.
So, if you have time, try to look from there the rest of the world below, lying where the sky is a memory and the air and the dreams that you held in the chest are all that you have.
Count them now, the survivors.
Watching them here and now, all those who know what it's like to live where others have missed the train.
And count too those that have forgotten to have had so far only an immense, good luck…

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